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Introducing our premium Western Saddle Tree for sale, designed to provide utmost comfort, durability, ‍and stability for both​ horse and rider.‌ Crafted​ with meticulous attention to detail, this saddle tree is perfect for riders of ⁤all levels,‌ from ⁤beginners to ‍seasoned professionals.

Our Western Saddle ⁣Tree boasts a multitude​ of remarkable features, making it⁤ an essential component‍ for a successful riding‍ experience. ⁣Firstly, its sturdy ⁣and lightweight construction ensures the safety and security of both horse and rider. ⁣Crafted ⁢from high-quality materials, this ⁣saddle tree guarantees long-lasting durability,‌ enabling you ​to ⁣enjoy countless hours in the saddle without ‌worrying about‌ wear and tear.

Designed with advanced ergonomics in mind, our saddle⁤ tree offers‍ excellent weight ⁣distribution ​and ⁤pressure relief, allowing for a⁢ more comfortable and natural riding position. The​ carefully engineered shape ensures superb spinal support and⁤ prevents any discomfort, ⁣even during extended periods of horseback riding. This feature promotes proper rider ‍alignment, reducing the risk of ⁢fatigue and enhancing ‍overall⁢ riding performance.

One of the standout features of​ our Western ​Saddle Tree is its ‍versatile ⁢fit.‍ It can effortlessly⁢ accommodate⁣ a wide range of ‍horse breeds

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Our equestrian brand provides high-quality products for horse enthusiasts and riders. With a deep understanding of the demands of the equestrian world, we strive to create exceptional gear that ensures the comfort and safety of both horse and rider.

Through careful craftsmanship and attention to detail, we design and manufacture a wide range of products, including saddles, bridles, reins, pads, and more. Our products are crafted using premium materials that are durable, long-lasting, and provide optimal performance.

At our brand, we believe in the importance of establishing a strong bond between horse and rider. That’s why we prioritize creating products that enhance communication and enable riders to effectively connect with their horses.

Whether you’re a professional rider, a competitive show jumper, or an avid equestrian enthusiast, our brand provides you with the highest level of quality and performance. Trust in our brand for all your equestrian needs and experience the difference firsthand.

“Experience the Art of True Western Riding: Wade Saddles for Unforgettable Journeys”



“Ride in Style and Confidence with our Premium Wade Saddles”

Introducing the Leather Wade Horse Racing Saddle, a masterpiece in design and functionality. This saddle is expertly crafted with a fiberglass tree combining strength, durability, and flexibility for an exceptional riding experience.

The fiberglass tree provides the perfect balance between weight and stability. It is lightweight, allowing both horse and rider to effortlessly maneuver on the track, while ensuring a sturdy and secure foundation. The flexibility of the fiberglass tree allows it to conform to the horse’s back, providing a custom fit that promotes optimal comfort and performance.

Crafted from premium leather, this saddle embodies luxury and durability. The leather not only enhances the saddle’s aesthetics but also provides exceptional grip, enabling the rider to maintain a secure seat even during high-speed races. Supple and soft, the leather ensures both rider and horse are comfortable throughout long rides.

Designed specifically for horse racing, this saddle features a forward-cut flap that allows for greater freedom of movement. This design element enables the rider to maintain the correct riding posture, enhancing control and providing seamless cueing to the horse. The minimal padding underneath ensures a closer contact and precise communication between rider and steed.

The stirrup bars are thoughtfully positioned to promote a well-balanced seat and stable position for the rider. This facilitates effortless control and balance during fast-paced races, ensuring both safety and optimal performance.

The Leather Wade Horse Racing Saddle is equipped with adjustable billet straps and girth points, allowing for a tailored fit to accommodate various horse sizes and shapes. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for trainers and riders with multiple mounts.

Exemplifying exquisite craftsmanship, this saddle showcases meticulous attention to detail in every stitch and finishing. Its ergonomic design and advanced features make it a rider’s dream, offering both comfort and functionality.

Whether you are a professional jockey or a passionate equestrian, the Leather Wade Horse Racing Saddle made with a fiberglass tree is a worthy investment. Its combination of premium materials, superior construction, and thoughtful design ensures a remarkable riding experience and sets the stage for victory in any race.

“Horse Friendly saddles : optimal comfort for your horse”



“Your horse’s comfort is our top priority, and our saddles are carefully crafted with attention to detail, providing optimal weight distribution and stability while minimizing any potential discomfort or pressure on your faithful companion.”




Wade Saddle is a popular choice among Western riders, known for its comfortable design and practicality. It comprises several important parts that contribute to its functionality and overall ride experience









The saddle is equipped with secure and adjustable stirrup attachments, allowing you to ride confidently, knowing that your stirrups will stay in place even during the most dynamic moments of the race.


The heart of this racing saddle lies in its fiberglass tree, meticulously engineered for strength and flexibility. The fiberglass construction provides the optimal amount of give and support, allowing your horse to move freely while maintaining excellent stability.


Crafted from top-grade leather, our saddle features meticulous stitching and attention to detail that ensures its longevity and aesthetic appeal. The choice of materials gives both a stunning appearance and the resilience needed for competitive racing.




Wade Saddles, a name synonymous with excellence in the equestrian world. Crafted with passion and precision, these saddles are a testament to the artistry and skill of their makers.

Every saddle bearing the Wade Saddles name is a true masterpiece, lovingly crafted using the finest materials and traditional techniques. The result is a saddle that not only looks stunning but offers unparalleled comfort and performance.

With their iconic design and meticulous attention to detail, Wade Saddles have long been the choice of ranchers and working cowboys. These saddles are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring durability that lasts for years.

The beauty of a Wade Saddle lies not only in its functionality but also in its aesthetic appeal. Each saddle showcases intricate tooling, exquisite patterns, and eye-catching hardware, making it a true work of art.

Riding with a Wade Saddle is an experience like no other. The secure fit and comfortable design allow riders to spend hours in the saddle without discomfort,

True Essence of Western Riding: Key Features of our Exceptional Wade Saddles

Classic Wade Design:
Our saddle proudly carries the iconic Wade saddle design, known for its deep seat, high cantle, and functional horn. This classic style provides both elegance and practicality.

Premium Leather:
Crafted from top-grain leather, our saddle exudes luxury, durability, and a timeless appearance. The high-quality leather not only looks stunning but also offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

The rigging is how the saddle is attached to the horse. In a Wade Saddle, it commonly utilizes a double rigging system, consisting of two sets of straps and rings. This design ensures secure and balanced attachment while distributing the rider’s weight evenly.

This is the strap or band that goes under the horse’s belly, securing the saddle in place. It is essential for maintaining stability and preventing the saddle from sliding or shifting during rides.

Wade Saddle Horn
Located at the front of the saddle, the horn serves multiple purposes. Riders can hold onto it for stability, and it can also be used to secure ropes during roping activities or as a anchor point for various tasks.

W Fenders:
Fenders are the leather pieces that hang down on either side of the saddle. They hold the stirrups and accommodate the rider’s legs, allowing for easy movements and control.

Rust-Resistant Hardware
We use high-quality, rust-resistant hardware, including buckles, D-rings, and conchos. This ensures that your saddle maintains its integrity and aesthetic appeal even in challenging conditions.

Customizable Fit:
Our Wade Saddle is designed to accommodate various horse breeds and sizes. You can customize the fit to ensure your horse’s comfort and your riding confidence.

Comfortable Ride:
The deep seat and well-padded design provide a secure and comfortable ride, whether you’re spending hours in the saddle on the ranch or enjoying a leisurely trail ride. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to hours of riding enjoyment.

Western Elegance:
Our Wade Saddle captures the essence of Western elegance. Its timeless design and rich leather bring a touch of the Old West to your modern riding adventures.

Soft and comfortable- The leather is of tough and durable quality that lasts long, but it doesn’t forget to be comfortable and soft at the same time. The soft leathers are of great quality at an even better price.
Western Wade Horse Saddle is the epitome of quality craftsmanship, combining a fibreglass tree for durability and weight distribution, and premium leather for a luxurious feel and stunning appearance.
Designed with both horse and rider’s comfort in mind, this saddle ensures an enjoyable riding experience with its padded seat and adjustable stirrups. Whether you’re a professional rider or an adventurous enthusiast, the Western Wade Horse Saddle is a must-have for anyone seeking a top-of-the-line saddle with exceptional quality and unparalleled style.
The fibreglass tree used in this saddle provides exceptional strength and flexibility. It is carefully engineered to distribute the rider’s weight evenly across the horse’s back, minimizing pressure points and ensuring a comfortable fit. The fibreglass material also offers superior durability, making this saddle designed to last for years of riding adventures.



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