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Introducing “Tips ​For Cleaning⁢ Cars” – your‌ go-to ‌guide for achieving ⁤a ⁢sparkling and ‍well-maintained‍ vehicle effortlessly! This comprehensive product⁣ is designed to ⁤provide you ‍with expert insights and ⁤valuable techniques for‌ keeping your ‌beloved automobile looking⁣ pristine and ⁤as good as new.

Featuring an array of‌ practical tips ⁣and ⁢tricks, “Tips For ⁤Cleaning Cars” takes the hassle out of maintaining a ‍clean interior‍ and gleaming exterior. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or⁢ a busy individual looking to quickly spruce up your vehicle,⁢ this essential guide ‌has got you covered.

One ⁣of​ the standout features of “Tips For ⁢Cleaning Cars” is the step-by-step instructions it ‍offers⁢ for each aspect of car cleaning. From washing and waxing ⁣the ⁣exterior to vacuuming ​and detailing the​ interior, ​every cleaning task is explained‌ with clarity and simplicity, ensuring even novices can achieve professional-grade results.

Additionally, this ​product ​provides a range of valuable insights into choosing the right cleaning‍ products and tools, saving you time and money.‌ It highlights which cleaning agents are safe⁢ for various surfaces,⁣ such‍ as paint, leather, and glass, ⁤enabling you to make​ informed decisions

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Long Handle Body & Wheel Brush with Flagged-Tip Bristles, Angled Head -20 Inches

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Perfect for cleaning wheels, tires, undercarriages, suspension parts, and more

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Extreme Versatility

The Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush is perfect for cleaning wheels and fender liners, but the extra-long reach is well suited for cleaning on all rugged vehicle surfaces. Save back strain and scrub lower plastic rocker panels and trim pieces without bending down. Easily clean large truck beds, trailers, RV siding, lifted truck undercarriages, brush guards, radiator grilles, and engine bays with the Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush. The possibilities are unlimited! If your cleaning task is just out of reach, reach out with the Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush and take it down.

Easily cleans wheel wells and fender liners
Great for intricate wheel designs and patterns
Made with soft synthetic bristles
Eye-catching bright green bristles
Easily designate green brush for wheels and wheel wells only
Rugged plastic handle for years of comfortable use
Abrasion-resistant body
Heavy-duty construction materials

About This Brush

Wheel wells and fender liners are hard to clean because the wheel is in the way! Many amateur detailers try to reach around the tire with an old rag or small brush to clean out any dirt and grease, but they can never get it all out. The Chemical Guys Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning OEM and custom wheels, tires, fender liners, textured plastic trim pieces, undercarriages, suspension parts, and more. The fully-synthetic brush is tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on painted, chrome, powder coated, and polished wheels. This wheel and tire brush features an extra-long handle with an angled head. This angle slips the scrubbing head in between the tire and wheel well for fast and easy cleaning of rubber, plastic, and carpeted fender liners. The durable plastic handle is scratch and abrasion resistant, and will not damage wheel finishes if accidentally rubbed on the surface. Soft flagged-tipped green bristles gently scrub and lift dirt and grime from wheels for a scratch-free shine. Easily clean away brake dust, dirt, oil, road grime, and more with the Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush.

Chemical Guys brushes and accessories are made from the highest quality materials, and with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. The Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush is made with durable flagged-tipped bristles for tough scrubbing that doesn’t harm sensitive alloys or finishes. The soft synthetic bristles are bunched together into tight bundles, then firmly anchored down into the rugged plastic handle. The one-piece brush handle is angled at the end to easily slip in between wheels and fender liners for fast and effective cleaning. The brush handle and bristles are chemical resistant, and stand up to years of use with all types of cleaners and degreasers. The abrasion-resistant handle is injection-molded from durable plastic that is practically indestructible. The Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush lasts for years of detailing use.

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d299a84d 00fe 4f7a 9166 9f93a5165a59. SR300300

Powerful Scrubbing Action

The Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush is the perfect brush for cleaning wheel wells, fender liners, wheels, and tires. All wheel parts require specialty cleaning tools that are different than those for paintwork and glass. Use Chemical Guys Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush to scrub away embedded dirt, brake dust, and grime without harming sensitive wheel finishes. Clean mud, dirt, and grime off plastic and carpeted fender liners and undercarriage parts. Scrub OEM and aftermarket wheels to agitate brake dust, dirt, grease, and grime from the surface. To clean wheels and fender liners, rinse away loose contamination and spray the face and barrel down with your favorite Chemical Guys wheel cleaner. The soft and durable flagged-tip bristles easily scrub filth from wheel faces, cracks, and crevices. Once contamination is suspended in the cleaner, simply rinse it away with water. The Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush removes caked on dirt and grime to restore a like-new appearance. For heavy duty cleaning on even the filthiest wheels, fender liners, and suspension parts, use the new Chemical Guys Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush.

Feathered ends of bristles deliver safe and gentle cleaning
Great for tires, wheels, rims, inner fenders, undercarriages and more
Removes caked with grime and grease
Heavy duty non-slip handle for the perfect grip
A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY: Since Chemical Guys have been making products for professional dealers for years, our products have been formulated so you get a lot of uses out of each bottle making this kit an amazing value



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