Tips For Cleaning Alloy Wheels



Introducing ⁢our comprehensive guide – “Tips for Cleaning​ Alloy Wheels”!

Keeping ‌your⁢ vehicle’s alloy wheels in top-notch condition has never ‌been easier with our expertly designed product. We ⁢understand the struggles of maintaining that ‍polished shine while ensuring long-lasting durability. Our guide is here to provide you with valuable tips, tricks,​ and secrets to effortlessly clean and maintain ‌your ​beloved alloy wheels.

Featuring a wealth of knowledge ⁤compiled by experienced auto enthusiasts and professionals, “Tips for Cleaning Alloy Wheels” offers ⁤a step-by-step approach to safely and effectively⁣ remove dirt, grime,‌ brake dust, and other ⁤stubborn contaminants. From basic cleaning techniques to advanced⁤ solutions, this guide covers all the aspects required to achieve ⁢showroom-worthy results.

Here’s what makes our “Tips for Cleaning Alloy Wheels” stand out:

1. ⁢Comprehensive and ⁣Easy-to-Follow​ Instructions: Our guide provides easy-to-understand instructions that even beginners can follow,⁣ guaranteeing remarkable cleaning ‍results without any ⁣confusion or guesswork.

2. Customized Solutions: Not all alloys are created equal, and ⁤our guide acknowledges this fact. We offer tailored ‍cleaning advice for different

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Ball Buster Speed Polishing Drill Attachment

for Wheels, Exhaust, Grilles, and More

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Drill not included

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Why Buy This Product?

Drill not included

Drill attachment wheel cleaning tool
Clean, polish and wax wheels, rims, exhausts, grilles, and more
Cleans tight spaces and hard-to-reach parts
Slips through spokes; cleans deep inside the barrel of the wheel
Comfort grip insulator lets you grab the tool as it spins for precise direction
Labor-saving power cleaning tool

About the Ball Buster

The Chemical Guys Ball Buster Speed Polishing Drill Attachment does all the heavy wheel cleaning and polishing for you. Slap the Ball Buster onto any power drill, then blast away dirt, tarnish, brake dust, and grease with just a squeeze of the trigger. The long cone shape easily slips deep into wheel spokes, barrels, lug nut holes, and hubs for a deep cleaning with minimal effort. Special cut grooves wrap the soft cleaning foam around spokes and grooves to clean and polish internal wheel parts from all angles. The extra long extension wand reaches deep to clean any hard-to-reach car part. A comfort-grip insulation sleeve lets you grab a hold of the spinning wand to steer and guide the cleaning cone with unmatched precision. Use the Ball Buster with your favorite wheel cleaner, car wash soap, metal polish, polishing compound, wheel coating, or wheel wax for the fastest wheel detailing possible. The closed-cell foam of the Ball Buster gently scrubs dirt and grime from dirty car parts without soaking it deep inside the wheel cleaning cone. Ball Busters clean wheels, and stay clean to avoid spreading dirt and filth to other car parts. Press the Ball Buster deep into wheels, rims, exhaust tips, roll bars, side steps, grilles, vents, engine bays, and any other tight car part that needs deep detailing action. Quit busting your balls whenever cleaning your wheels! Grab your power drill and let the Chemical Guys Ball Buster Speed Polishing Drill Attachment do all the hard work for you.

Proper separation of detailing tools is essential to avoid cross contamination. Add one Ball Buster to your arsenal for wheel cleaning and one more for polishing.
Ideal for use with your favorite wheel cleaner, car soap, wax, metal polish, paint compound, wheel coating, and more

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How it Works

The Ball Buster attaches to any power drill to scrub away filth and tarnish gently and effortlessly. If intense dirt, grease, brake dust, tarnish or oxidation is ruining the look of your wheels, the Ball Buster is the single tool that will make detailing a breeze. Simply open up the drill bit chuck on your favorite corded or cordless power drill, drop the Ball Buster shank into the slot, then drill it closed to turn the foam cone into a wheel cleaning power tool. The spinning shaft turns the soft foam cone to gently blast dirt, brake dust, and grease from any part of the wheel or rim. The extra-long reach wand features an insulation handle sleeve so you can grab a hold of the spinning brush and guide it to clean any intricate part with total precision and control. Use any specialty Chemical Guys Wheel Cleaner to dissolve brake dust, road grime and heavy dirt and oil with the Ball Buster. Buff away tarnish, oxidation, and surface stains with your favorite metal polish on the spinning foam cone. Turn the spinning part sideways and spread a thin, even coat of your favorite wheel coating, wheel wax, or protective sealant. Give dirt and filth a hard time and blast them away from wheels, exhausts, and more with the Ball Buster Drill Attachment.

Easy to Use, Built to Last

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Use it for Polishing and Waxing

Follow your wheel cleaning by using the Ball Buster paired with a Chemical Guys wax, wheel guard, polish or sealant. The Ball Buster is the ideal choice for applying your favorite product evenly and fast.

Better Design Through Applied Engineering

A regular cone shaped cleaning tool would be good for cleaning flat surfaces and round areas such as exhausts tips and crevices but many wheels and surfaces have spokes and grooves! The unique design and engineering of the Ball Buster includes concentric coaxial grooves that curve around and behind spokes and grilles delivering a faster, easier clean on areas that are normally hard to reach. These engineering marvels not only clean the sides faster and easier they help carry and hold onto liquid in the slow-flowing boundary layer delivering a better faster clean.

Where to Stick It

Wheel dirt and filth has met its match with the Ball Buster Speed Polishing Drill Attachment! The versatile detailing tool fits into tight spots to clean and detail any type of spoke, rim, hub, and lug nut area in a wheel. Insert the Ball Buster cone to clean the inside of any wheel, exhaust pipe, or grille. Turn the cone sideways to polish the face of any flat or curved surface like those found on bumpers and grilles with the full foam face of the spinning tool. Use the wide foam face of the curved cone for a gentle cleansing touch, or turn back to center for focused cleaning and polishing power with the tip of the spinning foam cone. Clean up any chrome, stainless steel, diamond plate, billet aluminum, or anodized metal finish with the soft closed-cell foam cone. Use the Ball Buster for any cleaning, polishing, and waxing steps to keep wheels, exhausts, grilles, grates, and other hard-to-reach spots clean, protected and shining bright.

Better Cleaning By Design

Use the power of the Ball Buster with your favorite Chemical Guys wheel cleaner to lift away road grime, heavy brake dust, and heavy hard to clean contamination. The unique cone shape and design of the Ball Buster, allows it to effectively and easily clean wheels. Let the power of the Ball Buster clean for you. Spray your wheel cleaner onto your wheel, then spray the wheel cleaner onto the Ball Buster and start scrubbing. A real advantage of the Ball Buster design is that the individual concentric grooves will do a better job of going around edges and corners than a solid shape.

DEEP CLEANING MADE EASY – Extra-long design ensures every nook and cranny is spotless.
SMART DESIGN, SPOTLESS RESULTS – Special grooves ensure thorough cleaning around edges and corners.
VERSATILITY AT ITS PEAK – Perfect for wheels, exhaust tips, grilles, and more hard-to-reach areas.
Ideal for use with your favorite wax, polish, wheel product or compound



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