Sprayer For Kawasaki Mule



Introducing the ultimate⁣ accessory for⁣ your Kawasaki Mule – ⁤the Sprayer For Kawasaki Mule. This powerful and versatile ⁤sprayer ​is designed to meet all your agricultural and landscaping needs, making⁣ your Mule even more ‌reliable and‌ efficient.

Featuring a robust construction, ‌the Sprayer For Kawasaki ⁣Mule is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you’re tackling large agricultural ‌fields or maintaining your backyard garden, this sprayer ensures exceptional durability and longevity. It is⁤ expertly engineered​ to seamlessly integrate with your Kawasaki Mule, providing you with a‍ dependable and high-performing sprayer​ system.

One of the standout ⁢features of this‍ sprayer ⁣is ⁢its‍ exceptional​ spraying‌ capacity. With⁤ a generous tank capacity, it allows you to cover large ‍areas without the⁣ hassle of constant refilling. Say goodbye to interruptions in ⁤your‍ work and enjoy uninterrupted spraying ‌for​ enhanced⁣ productivity. Additionally, the adjustable spray nozzle gives you full control over the spraying ‍pattern, allowing you to cater to different ⁢surfaces and crops.

Versatility is at‌ the core of the Sprayer For Kawasaki Mule. It is⁢ designed to handle a wide range of applications,

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About DAVRPES Brand

DAVRPES Brand is a brand under Guangzhou Gebang Qiche Lingbujian Youxian Gongsi. Our company focuses on providing after-sales products of auto parts in line with OEM standards, professional after-sales service team, huge production chain, and optimized resources from the original factory. Customers provide high-quality products.



When does the fuel injector need to be replaced?

If an injector is faulty on a vehicle with high mileage chances are the remaining injectors are in a similar condition, or will be in the near future. Replacing your injectors as a set ensures each cylinder is receiving the same amount of fuel leading to better performance and improved fuel economy. Since the time required to replace a single injector is about the same as replacing all the injectors it is recommended to replace them as a set.



Package Content :

Pack of 1PCS 49056-0038 fuel injector

Interchange Part Number :

49056-0038|490560038|49056 0038



Please Confirm The Information Before Buying

Confirm the part number.

Confirm your vehicle information :Year|Make|Model.

Confirm whether the product picture is consistent with the parts in your car.

The number of fuel injector in a car depends on the car engine, model and year. Don’t assume that all vehicles are the same.







Vehicle Compatible Models

Compatible with Kawasaki MULE PRO-FX 2016-2020

Compatible with Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXR 2018-2020

Compatible with Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXT 2015-2020

Compatible with Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXT Ranch Edition 2020

49056-0038 Fuel Injector Specifications

Color :

Condition :
Brand New

O-rings included :

O.E.M. Replacement :

Terminal Gender :

Terminal Quantity :

Terminal Type :

Injector Design :
Metal composite plastic

Filter Design :
Basket filter design at inlet

Orifice Type :
2 Holes Disc







The Role of the Fuel Injector :

The engine ECU will issue fuel injection commands to the fuel injectors according to the engine’s operating conditions. The fuel injection volume is determined by the fuel pressure and the fuel injection time of the fuel injectors. The fuel pressure is controlled by the pressure regulating valve at the fuel rail, and the pressure of the fuel pressure regulating valve is adjusted by the manifold vacuum (engine load), so the ECU can control the fuel injection time, when the engine needs more fuel , The fuel injection time will be longer, otherwise the fuel injection time will be shorter.

Symptoms Of Problematic Fuel Injectors !!!

a. Check Engine Light/Misfiring engine caused by a change in the injector’s flow

b. Noticeable fuel odor caused by leaky injector

c. Reduced gas mileage caused by an incorrect injector spray pattern

d. Inconsistent engine idling, hesitation or stalling caused by dirty injectors due to low quality fuel

Why Choose DAVRPES Brand Fuel Injector!!!

a. Guaranteed OE fit, form and function

b. Provides precision flow and original spray pattern for optimal performance

c. Manufactured of the highest quality materials d. Product includes top and bottom mounting o-ring

e. Maintains new-car smoothness and drivability

How to Test Fuel Injectors

How to Test Fuel Injectors

How to Test Fuel Injectors

Part . Listening for Bad Fuel Injectors

(1) Put on the appropriate safety gear. And Open the hood and locate your fuel injectors.

(2) Find a long metal rod or screwdriver. Then Place the tip of the rod on a fuel injector.

(3) Bring your ear close to the rod and listen for clicking.

(4) Repeat these steps for each injector.

Part 2. Ensuring the Injectors Are Receiving Power

(1) Turn the key to the “on” position without starting the engine.

(2) Connect a test light to the negative terminal on the battery.

(3) Locate the two wires going into each injector. And Test each wire for voltage. Then Repeat the process for each injector.

Part 3. Checking the Trigger Circuit for the Injectors

(1) Connect a test light to the positive terminal of the battery. And Have a friend start or turnover the engine.

(2) Probe the opposite wire with the test light. And Look for flashing or flickering light.

(3) Disconnect the wiring clips to each injector and begin the test again.

➤ Quality Comparable to OEM ➜▼Orifice Type: 2 Holes Disc ▼2 Pins ▼O-Rings Included ▼Fuel Type: Petrol ▼Injector Design: Metal composite plastic ▼Filter Design: Basket filter design at inlet
➤ Warranty Period ➜▼ 2-Year. ▼Efficient, Fuel-saving and Environmental Protection, Maximizing Power and Solving Faults.
➤ Replace Part No. ➜49056-0038|490560038|49056 0038
➤ After-sales Service Guarantee ➜100% professional aftermarket automotive oxygen sensor. If there are any problems within 2 years after the product is sold, or if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. A professional customer service specialist who is always on line to help you solve your questions and protect you Gebang Auto Parts Store DAVRPES Brand shopping experience.



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