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Introducing our highly effective “Spray For Ticks For Humans”, the ultimate solution‍ to keep you protected against these troublesome pests. ‍With its advanced formulation and convenient application, you can enjoy outdoor ⁢activities without worrying about tick‍ bites and the potential risks they pose.

Key Features:

1.‌ Powerful Tick Repellent: Our spray is ‌specially designed to repel ticks effectively. It creates a protective barrier‍ over your skin, making it difficult for ticks to latch on, bite, and potentially ​transmit diseases. This ensures you can roam freely in tick-infested areas without the fear of tick-borne illnesses.

2. Long-lasting Protection: Our spray​ offers long-lasting protection, providing peace of mind during extended outdoor adventures. ⁢Its innovative formula doesn’t wear off easily, ensuring you remain safeguarded against ticks for an extended period. This encourages you to explore nature without constant reapplication.

3. Safe for Humans: Our ​spray is formulated specifically for human use, making it ‍safe for ‌all age groups and skin types. It ​contains no harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients, ensuring it doesn’t cause any irritation or allergies. The

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Many of us have concerns about the effects of climate change on Earth, but we often overlook the essential issue of human health. This book addresses that oversight and enlightens readers about the most important aspect of one of the greatest challenges of our time.

The global environment is under massive stress from centuries of human industrialization. The projections regarding climate change for the next century and beyond are grim. The impact this will have on human health is tremendous, and we are only just now discovering what the long-term outcomes may be.

By weighing in from a physician’s perspective, Jay Lemery and Paul Auerbach clarify the science, dispel the myths, and help readers understand the threats of climate change to human health. No better argument exists for persuading people to care about climate change than a close look at its impacts on our physical and emotional well-being.

The need has never been greater for a grounded, informative, and accessible discussion about this topic. In this groundbreaking book, the authors not only sound the alarm but address the health issues likely to arise in the coming years.

From the Publisher

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Save Mother Earth

A changing environment impacts global human health. Our goal is to spark curiosity, observation, discussion, and analysis. In order to ignite and fuel the discussion to effect real changes, we need to emphasize medical conditions that are with us every day. Human health is the common denominator that overlaps all boundaries of geography, science, politics, and economics.

We believe that no significant change in our approach to preservation of the planet will occur until influential people begin to believe that profoundly detrimental medical situations are linked to environmental behaviors. This is no different from the reasoning we use to combat obesity, tobacco use, genocide, and nuclear war. By writing this book, we introduce the fusion science and term Enviromedics, defined as the impact of environmental change upon human health.

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No Way Out

Hot and dry – they go hand in hand. As temperatures climb and rainfall diminishes, grass turns brown, leaves wither and die, and undergrowth becomes brittle. Verdant forests become flammable fuel, endless until it burns and is reduced to ashes.When a dry forest goes up in flames, it spews embers and fireballs, and overruns the terrain and dwellings with ferocity unmatched by any other natural disaster.

It was ‘dry lightning’ that caused the fire. In the midst of a forest, the tallest cluster of trees beckoned to the bottom of a dark grey anvil overhead, and Thor could not resist. In a mighty instant, the match struck in the heavens ignited the ground below.

Tom and Sally lived in a log cabin in the woods and had cleared a 20-foot perimeter around the foundation. If fire struck, they would battle only briefly, and escape with their valuables when it became apparent that their dwelling couldn’t be saved. They realized that their plan was cutting it close, but they knew the forest service roads near their property like the back of their hand.

The fire started five miles away, and dense smoke came early, pushed by the wind. It turned the incandescent sun into an orange ball. A neighbor drove up to their home and shouted that everyone in the area had been given instructions to evacuate. Helicopters carrying huge bags of water pulled from lakes and planes spraying brightly colored retardant chemicals flew overhead. War was being waged on this fire.

Nobody wants to abandon their home. Tom mistakenly thought they could tough it out for another 15 minutes. ‘We’ll be right behind you,’ he assured his friend. That would be the last time they saw each other.

The wall of fire came fast and unexpectedly from two directions. The inferno burned everything in its path. By the time that Tom realized that Sally was not responding, she was face down in the backyard, crushed by a fallen tree limb. In a desperate attempt to save himself, he quickly dug a shallow pit in the ground, knelt down, and covered up with an old silver ‘space blanket.’ In a lesser fire, this might have saved his life, but this was no lesser fire. The scalding air and flames made quick work of Tom, and destroyed his home and thousands of acres of surrounding forest. It was one of dozens of fires triggered by the same weather system, in a pattern that would be repeated often as weather and fuel combined to create a perpetual fire hazard.

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Vector-borne Diseases

A warmer world will create newly hospitable habitats for insect vectors (such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) and the diseases they carry. As average global temperature creeps up, mosquitoes will thrive at higher latitudes and altitudes. In the northern hemisphere, they are increasing their natural habitat. Increasing temperature increases the rate at which the infectious organisms carried by the vector can replicate within insects, which direct correlates to infectivity in humans. In a warmer climate, malaria, dengue, West Nile virus disease, Lyme disease, and Zika virus infection will increasingly account for much of the global burden of disease.

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Flood is the most common natural disaster in both developed and developing countries. Floods are expected to increase worldwide in intensity and frequency from both extreme weather events and sea level rise. In the 20th century alone, there have been dozens of floods that resulted in more than 10,000 deaths apiece. Direct and instantaneous effects, such as trauma or drowning, occur in the chaos of rising, rushing waters. Days after the flood, the risk of infectious disease spikes because of exposure to stagnant and contaminated water. Months to years later, the toll on mental health from loss and displacement becomes very evident.

Many drownings, particularly in high-income nations, occur when occupied motor vehicles are swept away. The elderly are at great risk of flood-related morbidity due to their physiologic vulnerability, and because they are more likely to ignore recommendations to leave flooding homes, or even to refuse evacuation. Injuries can occur from fast moving, debris-laden floodwaters. Post-flood environments are dangerous. They are full of broken and sharp objects, downed power lines, and hazardous materials.

In the days after a flood, another peril often emerges. Floods act as a giant environmental blender, mixing industrial wastes, drinking water, and sewage together, leaving pools of stagnant and contaminated water in close proximity to humans.

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The Final Diagnosis

If Earth is warming because of global climate change, then human health will suffer. We do not appear to be on a good path. If we need fertile fields to grow crops and livestock, oceans to supply precious nutrients, clean air to breathe, and weather patterns that don’t continuously threaten large populations, we need to make prompt decisions. Human history is replete with creativity, resilience, determination, and optimism. Let’s get going.

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