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Introducing our Simple Hand Painted‍ Fabric For Slow​ Stitch – a perfect companion for those who indulge in the captivating art of slow stitching. Designed to elevate‌ your creative endeavors, this fabric offers a unique,⁣ hand-painted touch that adds ‌depth ​and character ⁢to⁢ your projects.

One of ⁣the standout features of our Simple Hand Painted Fabric is‍ its mesmerizing hand-painted design. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that no two fabrics are exactly alike. The beautiful blend​ of colors and intricate patterns make​ this fabric a true work‌ of art, providing‍ you with a delightful foundation ⁤for your slow stitching projects.

Crafted from the finest quality⁤ materials, our Simple Hand Painted ⁤Fabric guarantees‌ longevity and durability. The fabric ⁤is made from premium-grade cotton, ensuring a soft and smooth texture that is a pleasure to work ‌with. Whether you are⁣ embroidering, appliquéing,⁤ or embellishing, our fabric will effortlessly handle your needlework, ⁤ensuring precision and ⁣ease throughout your stitching journey.

Another notable ‍feature‍ of our Simple Hand Painted Fabric is its versatility. With a generous size,

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“Improvisational hand-stitching lies at the heart of Krawczyk’s collection of embroidery projects . . . The overall style is loose and free-wheeling.” —Library Journal

Add new color and flair to your home with hand-stitching projects! Written by noted surface designer Lynn Krawczyk, The Hand-Stitched Surface offers inspiring techniques and beautiful projects for creating richly layered mixed-media surfaces on paper and fabric. It’s a fast world we live in; it’s important to remember to slow down and savor your handiwork, and hand-stitching is the perfect craft for that.

After Krawczyk gives you an overview of tools and supplies you’ll be using, she will move you into a section on stitching essentials which covers a range of basic stitches and how they can be modified.

You will learn the following skills:

Mixing thread weights for textural effects
Unique ways to create patterns for hand stitching
Exploring color
Tips and tricks for improvisational stitching
And much more!

The fifteen keepsake-quality projects are perfect for the times when you feel you need to disconnect from the modern world and enjoy a quieter, more meditative hobby.

“Delightful.” —The Papercraft Post

From the Publisher

Fabric Projects

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Stitched Buttons

Life is about the details, and this project honors that belief. Buttons are such small objects, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a punch. They have a wide range of uses, from clothing to mixed-media jewelry to closures on bags. Adding some hand stitching can personalize them and bring that final punch of special to your project. You can find cover button kits at craft stores.

Coffee-Addict Kitchen Towel

Whether we realize it or not, our days contain rituals. Small ones, such as drinking our morning coffee, is an integral part of how we choose to begin each day.

It’s no secret that I am a coffee addict. I say that I can’t exist without it, and while it’s true that the caffeine is much appreciated, it’s the way I signal that my day is ready to begin. It forces a pause in the morning when the instinct is to hurry and frantically go about the daily tasks.

Doodle Love Lap Quilt

The word quilt is used loosely for this project. It bears a strong resemblance, but it’s missing two quilting components commonly used— batting and binding.

I started my fiber-art obsession with crazy quilts and they continue to shape much of my current work. Crazy quilts are usually just two layers of fabric and are primarily a place to display embroidery and embellishment. (Which is one of the reasons I love them so.) I like to leave the edges raw, letting them have some personality by showing their wear over time.

Paper Projects

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Stitched Botanical Note Card

Those days when I was a kid making cards for special occasions or loved ones still stick with me. It’s a pleasure to both give and receive handmade items, and cards are a simple gesture that put a smile on everyone’s face.

This note card elevates the scribble crayon cards we gave Mom for her birthday. We still get to indulge our love of coloring but by adding delicate stitching, we elevate this simple token of appreciation into a work of art.

Embellished Photos

My brother takes the most fantastic photos. His eye for detail never ceases to inspire me. Often when I view his photography, I find myself wondering about the story behind them. There always seems to be some kind of secret lurking.

Stitching on photographs is a perfect way to convey a story. Take two photos that you feel create a dialogue and unify them with stitching. The stitches added here are simpler and less dense than some of the other projects in the book. But it’s a good example of how hand stitching can be the background element that ties the entire project together.

Origami Candy Catcher

When you’ve had a long day, nothing picks up your spirits better than a little sweet treat. Candy is an instant happiness maker. And placing it in a cute little handmade holder makes it all the more special.

These petite Origami Candy Catchers are just the ticket to cheer up a friend, create unique party favors, or even add some edible homedécor to one of your spaces!

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The following templates provide the framework for your stitching. They are here to help you get started—feel free to explore and fill in with whatever stitch moves you! To use the templates, scan and print them or download them.

Print all at 100 percent, except for the Technicolor Begonia Cushion, page 131, which should be enlarged to 115 percent before printing.

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