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Introducing the must-have solution for bug-infested vehicles – Simple Green ‍For Bugs ‍On Car! Tired of spending countless hours scrubbing away pesky bug residues that mar⁤ the​ beauty of​ your car’s finish? Look no further, ‌as​ our revolutionary product is ‌specifically formulated to remove stubborn bug splatters with ‌ease, leaving your vehicle⁣ spotless and gleaming like new.

One of the standout‍ features of‍ Simple Green For Bugs On Car is its powerful ⁢yet gentle⁣ formulation. We understand the importance of protecting your car’s paint and finish, which is why our solution is non-abrasive, ensuring it won’t cause any damage or scratches. With this innovative formula, you ​can confidently bid farewell to the notion that ‍cleaning⁢ bugs off ‍your ⁣car has to be⁢ a painstaking ⁣task.

Another remarkable aspect of Simple Green For Bugs On Car is its versatility. This multi-purpose product can​ be used on various ⁣surfaces, including car exteriors, windshields, grills, and even headlights. Say ‌goodbye to ​purchasing multiple specialized ‍products to address specific cleaning needs when you have the all-in-one solution right in your hands.

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Cut Through Heavy Dirt, Grime, And Road Film With Maxi Suds For The Safest Wash!

maxi suds


Use Maxi Suds in any foam gun or foam cannon for enhanced cleaning power through thick cleansing foam on any vehicle. Maxi Suds II also works well in any two bucket wash methods.

maxi suds


Proper cleaning methods and products reduce the chances of swirls and scratches and keep any vehicle looking showroom-new. Use Maxi Suds to clean and maintain the shine on any vehicle.

maxi suds


Maxi Suds is safe to use on any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Use Maxi Suds II for any regular weekly car wash, or at the beginning of any major detail or restoration project.

maxi suds


The specialty wash polymers of Maxi Suds rise up in each bubble, lifting and lubricating dirt and debris from sensitive automotive finishes.

maxi suds


Maxi Suds uses advanced cleaners and lubricants that lift dirt and debris from the surface, then glide it away on slick lubricants that drastically reduce the chances of scratching paintwork.

maxi suds


Maxi Suds produces thick suds to ensure you have the best wash possible. The mountains of suds it produces will make washing your car a breeze.

Maxi-Suds II is the perfect maintenance shampoo that cleans and enhances any color paintwork with extreme foaming bubbles for the perfect scratch-free shine without stripping wax or sealant.

Use With These For The Safest Wash Possible!

Hold tons of soap and suds

The Wash Mitt is made of premium 70/30 blended microfiber for extra-soft wiping

Trap dirt and debris

The Dirt Trap keeps abrasive particles at the bottom of your wash bucket

Keep track of all your goodies

Store your favorite products in it when not in use so they’re organized

Glide over the paintwork

Every fiber acts like a piece of velcro, trapping and holding abrasive dirt

Keep water clean as you wash

The Cyclone Dirt Trap is a car wash filter that uses nearly 300 cyclonic funnels

Hold sudsy suds

Hold tons of soapy suds to achieve a brilliant scratch-free wash

maxi suds


Maxi Suds is extremely concentrated and extremely versatile. Use just 1 ounce in a full 5 gallon bucket of water for maximum suds and a slick scratch-free wash solution.

maxi suds


The advanced formula is tough on dirt, gentle on paintwork, and safe for all wax, glaze, and sealant coatings.

maxi suds


Use Maxi Suds around the entire exterior to clean all exterior paintwork, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.

maxi suds


Once you are done washing your ride, Maxi Suds will bring out the brilliant shine your car desrves. Unveil a show car winning shine with just a washing using Maxi Suds!

maxi suds


Maxi Suds will make washing your ride fun and easy! While washing your ride, you will experience the amazing fresh cherry scent in every wipe!

maxi suds


Use Maxi Suds every week to wash and shine your ride. Simply use it in a two bucket method or a foam cannon to maintain the best shine possible!

Maxi Suds cleans and shines any color paintwork with unending foam, rinses clean, and will not etch or spot even in direct sunlight.

The Next Steps In Your Detail

All Weather Protection

Jet Seal repels contamination, enhances shine, and preserve a smooth finish

Effortlessly add gobs of gloss

Butter Wet Wax add a deep wet reflections to all colored cars with a single coat

Repel fresh dust and dirt

Speed Wipe has premium anti-static properties which will help repel dirt

Make water slide right off

JetSeal creates a strong shield against liquids to prevent water spots

Lightly cleanse the paintwork

Refined oils will help pull of contamination from the surface of the paint

Spray and wipe formula

Spray it directly onto the surface and buff it off to reveal an amazing shine

Is Maxi Suds safe for waxes, sealants, glazes, or ceramics?

Yes, Maxi Suds is pH balanced and is tough on grime but gentle on ceramics, glazes, sealants, and waxes.

Can I use Maxi Suds in a foam cannon or foam blaster?

Yes, we recommend pairing Maxi Suds with a foam cannon or foam gun to achieve the maximum suds possible.

What color cars does Maxi Suds works best on?

Maxi Suds works amazing on all colored cars and helps deliver a just-waxed shine to any color ride.

Does Maxi Suds have wax in it?

Maxi Suds contains premium gloss enhancers that will leave a stunning shine behind.

I’m having issues with my Maxi Suds – who should I contact for help?

Amazon’s customer care can help with shipping issues, returns and replacements. If you are having technical issues with the product and need help using it or need replacement parts, contact the Chemical Guys Product Specialist Team at 866-822-3670.

Welcome To The Chemical Guys Family

Join The Movement, Discover The Lifestyle, And Uncover The Culture Of Car Care

Chemical Guys is more than a company, it’s a lifestyle. Join the movement and discover the culture of passion and dedication to all things car care that has garnered us a worldwide following. Learn to completely care for your vehicle and find the products you need to elevate your car from a lackluster ride to a statement that reveals your inner shine. Become a part of the Chemical Guys Family and uncover the true meaning of pride and passion!

WHAT’S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT IT – Maxi Suds has a unique formulation with water softeners which help reduce streaking and water spots. It can also be used outside in the sun while still delivering great results.
IT’S VERSATILE – Maxi Suds can be used on any color car and since it’s pH balanced, it won’t remove your wax or sealant. Also, whether you are washing with a wash mitt and bucket, a foam gun connected to your garden hose or a foam cannon connected to your pressure washer, Maxi Suds will deliver loads of foam and suds to get a great wash!
CONCENTRATED – A little bit goes a long way. Just add 1-3 oz. of Maxi Suds to a 5 gallon wash bucket or to a 32 oz. solution tank for your foam cannon or foam gun and you are ready to experience a foam frenzy!
BEGINNER AND PROFESSIONAL DETAILER FRIENDLY – Chemical Guys makes products for beginners and experts alike. Chemical Guys products are professional grade to get the best results and are also simple enough for even a beginner to achieve immediate results. This soap was made in the USA!
SMELLS GREAT, LOOKS GREAT, FEELS GREAT – Washing your car should not only be fun, but it should make you feel good! It makes you feel awesome when your ride looks clean and new. We’ve created Maxi Suds to not only make your wash better and easier, but also, any of our three scents smell great and add to your car washing experience.
MADE IN AMERICA – Each bottle of Maxi Suds is proudly produced in the USA. We celebrate the happiness of clean cars each day in our Southern California headquarters as well as our Detail Garage retail store locations throughout the country.



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