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Introducing “Scan Mac For Bugs” – ⁤the comprehensive ‍and trustworthy software designed to ensure the​ smooth and secure⁤ operation of your beloved Mac. Powered by state-of-the-art technology​ and advanced algorithms, ​this tool is your solution to detect, eliminate, and protect ⁤your Mac from unwanted bugs, malware, ⁤and ‍suspicious activities.

Key Features:

1. Deep⁤ Scan Technology: “Scan Mac For Bugs” employs a‍ powerful scanning mechanism that delves into every nook and cranny of‌ your Mac’s file system, leaving no stone unturned.​ It meticulously ‍inspects all directories, applications, and hidden files, guaranteeing a thorough bug detection process.

2.‌ Real-Time Monitoring: Equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, this tool is constantly vigilant, keeping a watchful eye on your Mac’s activities. It alerts you immediately upon detecting any anomalies or suspicious behavior, enabling swift ⁢actions‍ to prevent potential harm.

3. Malware Removal: With “Scan Mac For Bugs,” you can bid farewell to ‌malicious software that ‍may have sneaked into⁢ your Mac. This software’s robust ⁣malware‍ removal feature ⁣ensures the complete eradication⁣ of⁤ all known malware strains,

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AMAZON EXCLUSIVE: Includes 1 free McAfee TechMaster Device Setup call. Get expert help setting up new connected devices, from phones and computers to Alexa-enabled smarthome and Echo devices.. McAfee TechMaster offers 24/7 support for all your homes devices. Priority support for all your home’s devices, whether you need help with a slow PC or require expert set up for your new devices McAfee TechMaster has you covered. How it works. Contact Techmaster and they’ll connect to your device using a secure remote connection. Next, sit back and relax while Techmaster takes control and solves your problem. Techmaster is on the line to answer your questions while they’re making everything work.

Live Freely & Confidently Online with Total Protection





dark web

dark web



McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is all-in-one protection – antivirus, security, identity, and privacy protection for your devices​. Rest easy knowing McAfee’s award winning anti-virus will notify you of risky websites and protect you from the latest threats ​

Protection Score

Check the health of your online protection – our industry-first Protection Score will identify weak spots and guide you to improve your security​

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor up to 10 emails on the dark web – if your info is found we’ll notify you so you can act before your info ends up in the wrong hands ​

Bank and Shop Privately with VPN

Bank and shop privately – McAfee’s basic Secure VPN (500 MB/Month) automatically turns on to protect your personal data and credit card info ​



What is Protection Score?

Protection Score checks the health of your online protection and provides simple steps to improve your security. Knowing how safe you are is the first step toward a safer life online.

McAfee Total Protection Additional Features







Password Manager

While we use passwords to help prevent unauthorized access to accounts, many aren’t following best practices. A password manager is crucial to creating and storing strong passwords for important online accounts.​

Our password manager helps you secure your accounts by generating complex passwords, storing them and auto-filling your info for faster logins across devices. It’s secure and, best of all, you only have to remember a single password.

Identity Monitoring

Proactively protect your personal info from identity theft ​Data breaches, identity theft, and fraud are top-of-mind for most people. An identity monitoring service brings peace of mind by monitoring everything from email addresses to IDs and phone numbers for signs of breaches so you can take action to secure your accounts before they’re used for identity theft.​

We’ll monitor the dark web for your personal info, including email, government IDs, credit card and bank account info, and more. We’ll help keep your personal info safe, with early alerts if your data is found on the dark web, an average of 10 months ahead of similar services.​

Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Have you ever connected to public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, airport, shopping mall or hotel? Your credit card info, account login, and password, browsing activity, or even your physical location could be exposed. A VPN can help ensure your personal info and online activity remain private and secure.​

You can bank, shop or browse confidently online knowing your personal info is protected and your online activity is private whenever you’re online. Our VPN creates an encrypted “tunnel” that makes it impossible for cybercriminals or advertisers to access so that what you do online remains anonymous.​


McAfee+ Premium
McAfee+ Advanced

Operating systems – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook
All Systems
All Systems
All Systems

Antivirus – protect your devices

Web protection – be warned about risky sites

Protection Score – see how safe you are online

Password manager – generate and store passwords

Identity monitoring – be notified if your info is on the dark web

Secure VPN – browse confidently and privately


Personal Data Cleanup

Identity Restoration / 1M Identity Coverage / Credit Monitoring, Score, Report / Security Freeze

Parental Controsl – keep kids safer online

Family Product
Family Product

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 18, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ McAfee
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BB2N69J8

SECURE VPN – Stay private and secure on public Wi-Fi with VPN that can connect automatically when you need it
MONITOR UP TO 10 EMAILS ON THE DARK WEB – If your info is found we’ll notify you so you can act before your info ends up in the wrong hands
CHECK THE HEALTH OF YOUR ONLINE PROTECTION – our industry-first Protection Score will identify weak spots and guide you to improve your security​
PASSWORD MANAGER – Secure your accounts by generating and storing complex passwords and auto-filling your info for faster logins across devices
AWARD WINNING ANTIVIRUS – Protect up to 3 personal devices and the info on them from the latest threats



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