Protective Spray For Fabric Sofas



Introducing ⁣our premium Protective Spray for ⁢Fabric Sofas, the ultimate solution ‍to extend the life and preserve‌ the beauty of your beloved furniture. Crafted with ⁤utmost care, this ⁤powerful protective spray forms​ an invisible shield that safeguards your fabric⁢ sofas against everyday ⁢spills, stains,⁤ and wear and tear.

Our Protective ⁣Spray for Fabric Sofas is designed to ‍deliver unparalleled protection, ensuring that⁤ your furniture stays clean, fresh, and flawless​ for years to ​come.‌ With its advanced formula, ‍it⁤ creates‌ a water-resistant barrier on the fabric surface, preventing​ liquid spills⁣ from penetrating and causing permanent damage.​ Have no⁣ fear of accidental spills ‌during family ‌movie nights or gatherings with friends ‍– ‍this spray‌ has got your back!

One of the‌ standout features ‌of our ‍Protective Spray is its ability‌ to⁤ shield‍ your fabric sofas from stains caused by common household substances such as food, beverages,‍ oils, and even pet⁤ accidents. Gone are the days‍ of worrying about guests spilling⁢ their drinks ‍or kids accidentally ⁢dropping ‌chocolate. The protective⁣ layer created by this spray makes cleaning up a breeze, ⁣ensuring that any mess can be swiftly⁣ wiped away without leaving a trace.

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Restore fabric, upholstery, and carpet like-new

fabric clean


Fabric Clean restores a new look to carpets by removing stubborn stains and reconditioning the fabric fibers to how they once were.

fabric clean


Clean set-in stains, dirt, and filth from any color floor mat, carpet, or upholstery in any car, truck, SUV, RV, and even around the home or office with Chemical Guys Foaming Carpet Cleaner.

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Use Fabric Clean on carpets, seats, floor mats, and more to remove dirt, grime, and filth from the pours of the fibers.

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The hyper-concentrated interior shampoo easily breaks down contaminants, filth, and stains from any fabric surface inside a vehicle.

Fabric Clean dissolves and removes dirt, odors, and stains from automotive carpets, fabrics, and upholstery with hi-sudsing, deep penetrating foaming bubbles for professional detailing results.

Make Your Car Interior Look Superior!

One Cleaner to Rule Them All

Rather than use separate cleaners, Chemical Guys developed Total Interior

Restores Mats Back to New

Bring your rubber floor mats back to their original condition

Blast of Fresh Cherry Scent

The scent of just picked cherries ready to be baked into a delicious pie

Mist On, Wipe Off

Professional grade results and is so easy to use – Just mist on and wipe off

Cleans & Protects

Breaks down & releases dirt, oil, grease, grime & food residue from rubber mats

Hang It & Love It

You’ve probably had a hanging scent before – but not like this. Smells awesome!

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Fabric Clean is the easiest way to remove stubborn stains from carpet and upholstery, its oxygen-infused formula penetrates deep into the fibers and helps remove stubborn stains.

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Say goodbye to stains forever with Fabric Clean, its powerful citrus based formula transforms dirty carpet to a new look finish once clean!

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The oxygen-infused cleaners of Fabric Clean lift and separate dirt particles and stains from deep within fabric in carpets and upholstery.

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Use Fabric Clean at home, office, car, Rvs, and more to remove stains from carpets and upholstery.

Use these accessories to achieve the perfect application!

Deep Clean With Ease

It is the easy and affordable way to get deep cleaning results all on your own

Reach Deep Into Pores

Knock out deep set dirt & grime on tires, mats, & more for a superior clean!

Short and Long Pile

It offers two separate piles for the best cleaning possible.

Extra soft duty grey bristles

It is soft enough to clean upholstery and fabrics in your car, home, or office!

Scrub Away Dirt & Debris

Stiff nylon bristles easily scrub away even the heaviest set dirt & debris!

Scratch less Detailing Towel

Clean your entire ride with piece in mind with this premium microfiber towel

Where can I use Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean?

Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean can be used in the interior surfaces of your car, office spaces, and even at home!

Can I use Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean on colored carpet?

Yes, Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean can be used on all colored fabrics.

Can I use Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean on outdoor fabric seats?

Yes, you may use it on patio fabric seats to remove stubborn stains.

Do I have to use Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean with a machine or can I use it by hand?

You may use Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean by hand or machine.

I’m having issues with my Lightning Fast Stain Extractor- who should I contact for help?

Amazon’s customer care can help with shipping issues, returns and replacements. If you are having technical issues with the product and need help using it or need replacement parts, contact the Chemical Guys Product Specialist Team

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INTENSE FOAMING CLEANING POWER – Foaming action floats the particles directly to the surface of the material for easy cleanup with a microfiber towel or hot water extractor.
PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA – While low-grade cleaners leave carpets feeling wet, promote mildew growth, and finish with a stiff crusty feeling, Fabric Clean is detergent free, low-moisture, and finishes with the soft feel of clean fabric.
DESTROY ODOR-CAUSING MICROBES – Fabric Clean comes blended with the company’s patented odor elimination enzymes; the product actively destroys odor-causing microbes, eliminating foul odors at their source.
EXTREME HYDROPHOBIC WATER BEADING – HydroThread forms a super-hydrophobic SiO2 barrier that causes liquid to bead up and hover on the surface, without penetrating the underlying fibers, so liquids bead and roll right off surfaces and preserve your fabric!
THE GO TO BRAND IN CAR CARE – Beginners & professionals alike choose Chemical Guys, for the finest car care products, world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge; Chemical Guys is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle with a worldwide following



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