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Introducing our innovative “Mat For Cleaning Shoes”, ⁤the ultimate‍ solution for keeping ‌your footwear spotless and your floors dirt-free! This mat is designed ⁢to make shoe cleaning a breeze while offering a convenient and efficient way to maintain an ⁤organized and ​tidy living space.

The “Mat For Cleaning Shoes” is ⁤thoughtfully crafted with⁣ a durable⁤ yet gentle material that effectively⁣ removes dirt,⁤ mud, dust, and other debris from the ⁤soles of your shoes. Simply step onto the ⁣mat and‌ the unique bristle design will‌ work its⁢ magic, trapping the dirt and preventing⁣ it from being tracked into your home or workspace.

One of the outstanding features ‍of our mat is its versatility.⁣ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be placed at your front door, porch, garage, or even inside your entryway ⁤for maximum convenience. Its compact size ‌ensures easy fitting into any space, and its slim profile prevents any⁤ tripping hazards.​

Cleaning the mat itself is hassle-free as well. Equipped‌ with a‌ quick-drying and‌ waterproof surface, it is resistant to⁤ mildew and odor buildup. ‍Whether it’s a muddy day

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Warm reminder, Before use, pour 1L of water into the PVA MAT keep the PVAmat moisture :the doormat need add water continue to keep PVA mat wet , if the PVA mat always dry , the mat will break .if you want to clean the shoe sole , you just need to add the plain water to the PVA mat ,the mat can clean the shoe sole very well, you can put the doormat at the entrance of the house , office, ,you also can put the doormat at the kitchen ,before you leave the kitchen ,clean the oil stain on the shoe sole. if you want to disinfect the soles, please do not add industrial strong corrosion disinfectant or add 100% pure laundry disinfectant and alcohol. Please add diluted laundry disinfectant to the cleaning dish., The ratio of water to laundry disinfectant is 50:1 。Please use the sole disinfection function of the mat correctly.Thanks and please keep the PVA mat moist. Product Parameters:length 83cm x weidth 45cm x thickness 2cm .Product name: 3D Sole Disinfection Mat .Set Material: PP, PVA, Gross weight: 3kg Application: family, hotel, hospital, restaurant Product List: Cover of cotton wool x1, PVA cover of cotton x1, Microfiber cloth x1, Cover of cotton cloth x1, Floor of fiber cloth x1, Non-slip mat x1 Product Features: Daily cleaning, simple cleaning Horizontal and vertical。. Important note: Due to the loss of water in the process of transportation, it is a normal phenomenon that the PVA collodion becomes hard and deformed. It only needs to be soaked for 10 minutes to recover its use. Product usage method introduction: Before using this product, please add clean water, Or Diluted disinfectant. Please change the water once every 4-6 days. (specifically depends on the frequency of use or the environment). Please rub back and forth on the cotton swabs of this product 2-4 times during use, then step on the water-absorbing mat to achieve the ideal shoe cleaning effect. (Usage ambient temperature 2c ° -50c °
Convenient cleaning: Use PVC rubber cotton pad, just rinse with water. After cleaning, the absorbent pad can be reused every time it is the same as a new absorbent pad.if the shoe sole is dirty , you don’t need wash by hand, you can wash by this mat
Safety and non-slip: The floor mat has a double non-slip design and has a strong grip on the ground to prevent slipping. Anti-slip plugs are located at the four corners to improve the overall stability index and provide more protection for the elderly and children.
Easy installation: The product is easy to install. Water or disinfectants can be added to reduce bacterial infections. The door is convenient and hygienic, more convenient for you. The water-absorbent pad can be reused for an unlimited number of times after it has been cleaned and dried; PVA rubber cotton can be used immediately after it is rinsed. (Reminder: The absorbent pad is a microfiber cloth. Do not wash by machine or rub during the cleaning. Do not brush the back side when cleaning.)
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