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Product Description: Hacks For Cleaning Car Interior

Make cleaning your car’s interior​ a breeze with our innovative “Hacks For Cleaning Car Interior”! Designed to simplify the process and save⁢ you valuable time, this handy kit includes a range of features that will transform your car cleaning experience.

1. All-in-One Solution: Our “Hacks For Cleaning⁢ Car Interior” combines various tools and techniques necessary for a thorough cleaning. From specialized ⁢brushes to microfiber cloths, this kit has everything you need to tackle dirt, dust, and grime from every nook and cranny of⁢ your car’s interior.

2. Effective⁣ Cleaning Tools: The kit includes​ a variety of effective tools such as a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and a ‌soft-bristle brush to⁤ ensure no area is left untouched. These tools are specifically designed to reach and clean hard-to-reach spots like air vents, seat crevices, ​and dashboard corners.

3. Versatility: The beauty of our ​”Hacks For Cleaning Car Interior” lies in its versatility. It can be used⁢ for cleaning all types of​ surfaces

Product Description For Hacks For Cleaning Car Interior

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Product Description



The Professional Car Detailing Kit makes detailing a car much easier!

Our Car Detailing Cleaning Brush Set contains car detailing brushes, drill brush, tire brush, microfiber wax applicator and washing mitt and etc, Contains everything you need to clean your car, helps to clean your car efficiently. NIKCOSMK is your best choice!



5PCs Medium Stiffness Electric Drill Brush Set (2.5inch, 2.5inch, 3.5inch, 4inch, 5inch)

High quality: Made of high quality PP, wear-resistant and heat-resistant, easy to clean.

Compatibility: 1/4 inch universal drill shaft with hexagon shape. Compatible with most cordless screwdrivers or drills.

Widely Uses: Suitable for cleaning car rims, and is also an ideal choice for bathrooms, bathtubs, tiles, floors, sinks, corners, grills, etc.



Car Detailing Brushes Features

High quality: car interior cleaning brush made of 100% natural bristles, ultra soft & elastic, which quickly attracts mini particles in narrow/deep/small areas. Dust Removal Powerful plastic ferrule with high binding capacity, avoid dropping the bristle

Wet & Dry Use: Car detail cleaning brushes are gentle enough for car interior cleaning, such as dashboard, air vent, narrow crevices of leather seat, car window, interior and exterior, etc. but also tough enough to remove heavy dirt or oil from wheel/engine compartments/emblems /Grills/brake calipers and other hard-to-reach areas

Ergonomic Design: Solid PP handle, notch design, easy and comfortable to grip, non-slip and reduce fatigue



Quality Rim Glove

The glove lining is made of pure waterproof cotton fabric and is non-slip. Prevents slipping and hand injuries from sharp rim edges. Not made of non-woven fabric, your hands won’t get wet from water during car wash.

Car Dash Duster

Light-weight, compact microfiber strings trap and lift the dust and will not scratch or streak your car.

Air Outlet Brush

Suitable for cleaning various parts of car air vents. Easy to remove and wash.



Wool buffing:

Wool buffing and polishing pads are made of top quality thick wool, which will not damage the surface when you clean and polish the car.

Fluffy microfiber towels:

The microfiber car drying towel is made of 1200g/m² microfiber, which guarantees a super fluffy and softer, the thickness and the reinforced edges make this microfiber cleaning towel hard-wearing and usable for a long time

Microfiber Wax Applicator:

After the sponge absorbs water, the sponge hole can absorb dust and particles by squeezing and does not directly rub against the car body surface. Is a good helper for car waxing



Scouring Pads

6 Piece DIFFERENT STIFFNESSES Scouring Pads perfect for kitchen cleaning Oven Stove Cooktop Sink Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan Pots and Pans .

Package Include

🚘【5x Drill Brush Attachment Set】Our car detailing Brushes come with 5 different stiffness and shapes drill brushes for washing automotive exterior and interior surfaces . This set has been expertly designed can also allows you clean bathroom surfaces, wheels, shower, toilet, kitchen, bathtub and carpet etc. The 5 different sized brush heads allow you to easily scrub those hard to reach or large surfaces. Truly a perfect way to make every nook and cranny of your house & car absolutely spotless!
🚙【5 x Car Detailing Brush & 3 x Wire Brushes & 1 x Air Outlet Brush 】5 Different Sizes Car Detailing Brushes can meet any cleaning needs of small cracks, corners, lug nuts, wheels, vents, car seats, engine compartments, dashboards, signs, etc. 3 pcs wire brushes including 1 stainless steel brush, 1 brass brush, and 1 nylon brush. Wire Brush of different materials is suitable for different surface types, they will address all your cleaning concerns.
🏍【6Piece DIFFERENT STIFFNESSES Scouring Pads and 5 Piece Scratch-Free Car Buffing Pads】6 DIFFERENT STIFFNESSES Scouring Pads perfect for kitchen cleaning Oven Stove Cooktop Sink Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan Pots and Pans . There are 4 different prime sponge pad and woolen pad can bring your car back to shiny! Great for removing sun abuse, car scratches, headlight wearing and etc.
🚲【1xCar Dash Duster Brush & 1x Wash Mitt & 2x Wax Applicator & 2x Towels】Car Dash Duster easily operated and fits comfortably in the hands and soft, comfortable non-slip grip. Microfiber Wash Mitt absorbs 7x its weight in water,internal waterproof design, elastic wrist cuff keeps mitt in place on hand. Wax Applicator can works great for applying waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings and more.Non-abrasive microfiber towels are ultra soft and will not scratch any surface.



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