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Introducing our high-quality Grass Seed for St. Augustine⁤ Grass – the perfect⁣ solution ‌for achieving a lush and vibrant lawn.⁢ Specially formulated to cater to the unique needs of St. Augustine grass,​ this product ensures excellent performance and outstanding results every time.

Our Grass‍ Seed ‌for St. Augustine Grass offers a range ‌of exceptional features to enhance your lawn and keep it looking beautiful:

1. Superior Seed Blend: ⁢Crafted with a premium blend of top-quality St. Augustine grass seeds, ⁣this product guarantees​ excellent germination rates and robust ⁤growth. It contains a careful mix of certified seeds to provide an even distribution⁣ across your lawn.

2. Drought Resistance: Designed to withstand dry and arid conditions, our grass seed is specially developed with a high tolerance for drought. This ensures your lawn remains green​ and healthy⁤ even during ⁣periods ​of water scarcity.

3. Shade Tolerance:‍ St. Augustine grass is known for its ability to thrive in partially shaded areas, and our ⁤grass seed enhances this natural characteristic. It grows well in a variety of lighting ⁤conditions,​ making it an ideal choice for lawns with trees or

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Transform your lawn into a vibrant oasis with our Premium Hybrid Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs. Carefully cultivated to provide lush, high-density coverage, these grass plugs offer a superior alternative to grass seed, ensuring quick and efficient lawn establishment. With its exceptional resilience, Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass is remarkably shade-tolerant and drought-resistant, making it a perfect choice for lawns that face challenging conditions. Say goodbye to patchy and dull lawns and welcome a verdant, beautiful landscape.
Key Features:
– High-density coverage: Our Premium Hybrid Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs are expertly cultivated to provide a dense and full lawn, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your landscape.
– Speedy establishment: Unlike traditional grass seed, these plugs give your lawn a head start, establishing quickly with less competition from weeds. Within approximately 3-5 months, you can enjoy full coverage and a thriving lawn.
– Resilient and adaptable: Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass is specially hybridized to withstand heat, drought, and wear. It thrives even in challenging conditions, ensuring your lawn remains beautiful and resilient throughout the seasons.
– Ease of installation: The ready-to-plant plugs make lawn establishment effortless. Simply plant them 12-15 inches apart for complete coverage or 18 inches apart for larger areas. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll have a lush lawn that’s the envy of your neighborhood.
– Suitable for various landscapes: Whether you have a small backyard or a larger lawn, our Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass plugs can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs. Covering 500 square feet? Approximately 320 plugs at 15-inch spacing or 220 plugs at 18-inch spacing will do the trick.
Spring into action and transform your lawn into a verdant paradise with our Premium Hybrid Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs. Experience the joy of a dense and resilient lawn that stands up to the summer sun, even under challenging conditions. With a bit of care and patience, you’ll have a beautiful, hardy landscape that becomes the highlight of your outdoor space. [FAQ]:
Q: What should I expect the Tahoma 31 Grass Plugs to look like upon delivery?
A: It is normal for the Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs to appear yellow, smashed, or dormant upon delivery. This dormancy is a natural protective mechanism during transit and does not affect their ability to recover and thrive. Rest assured that with proper care, exposure to sunlight, and watering, the plugs will quickly regain their vitality.
Q: What if the grass plug separates from the soil in the pod tray during planting?
A: If the plug separates during planting, simply add the remaining supplied soil to the hole before placing the plug. The plugs are 1″ thick when harvested and are placed into 2 ¼” deep trays with a bed of organic compost and peat moss mixture. Our high pH soil provides optimal conditions for the growth and rapid spread of the grass.
Q: How successful are the Tahoma 31 Grass Plugs in recovering from dormancy?
A: We ship thousands of plugs per day and the plugs have achieved a remarkable success rate in their recovery from dormancy. You can have confidence that your Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs will thrive when properly cared for.
Q: What is the recommended procedure for establishing the Bermuda grass using the Tahoma 31 Grass Plugs?
A: Upon receiving the plugs, place them in a sunny area and provide immediate watering. Continue watering until you plant the plugs. By exposing them to sunlight and ensuring adequate hydration, they will quickly recover and flourish. Please note that the temporary dormancy experienced during shipping is a natural process, and the plugs are healthy and ready to thrive once planted.
Experience the joy of a vibrant and resilient lawn with our Premium Hybrid Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs. With their quick establishment, adaptability, and exceptional resilience, these plugs are the ideal choice for creating a beautiful landscape that stands up to the challenges of the seasons. Order yours today and enjoy a lush, envy-worthy lawn in no time.

Ready-to-Plant, Every pack contains pre-grown Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs, ready for immediate planting. This eliminates the wait and uncertainty of growing grass from seed, offering you a quick lawn solution.
High-Density Turf, Tahoma 31 establishes quickly and grows densely, providing a lush, carpet-like lawn. The high-density growth not only enhances your, lawn, appearance but also effectively deters weed infestation.
Wide Coverage, Our grass plugs provides an impressive coverage, perfect for both, grass patch repair, and establishing, new lawns. Better than grass seed roll, or grass mat
Delivered Fresh, At, we ship our Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs fresh from our farm to your lawn. This ensures you receive plugs at their peak vitality, ready to flourish in their new home. much faster and beter coverage then, buffalo grass seed
Better than Grass Seeds, Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass Plugs establish faster, grow denser, and resist harsh conditions better than conventional Bermuda grass seeds. This makes them an effective and efficient choice for your lawn improvement needs.
Environmentally Friendly Lawn, Solution, Tahoma 31 is a low-maintenance, drought-resistant grass, reducing the need for frequent watering and making it an eco-friendly choice for sustainable gardening.



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