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Introducing the ⁣groundbreaking “Drone To Kill Mosquitoes” ‍– your silent guardian against these‍ pesky and disease-spreading insects. Say goodbye to restless nights and itchy bites with this innovative solution designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. Packed with advanced ‌features,⁣ this drone takes mosquito elimination to whole ‌new heights.

1. Precision Targeting:‌ Equipped with state-of-the-art⁢ sensing technology,⁤ the drone swiftly detects the presence of mosquitoes, identifying ⁢their exact locations with unrivaled accuracy. No mosquito can hide‍ from‌ its impeccable targeting system.

2. Quick and⁤ Effective Elimination: Once ⁤the mosquitoes are located, the drone ⁢swiftly engages‌ its high-powered laser system, ⁤delivering ‌precise‍ and efficient strikes to eliminate these ‍pests instantly. ​You can bid ‍farewell to labor-intensive and time-consuming⁣ manual methods of mosquito ‍control.

3. Intelligent Flight Pattern: Navigate through the air with⁢ grace⁤ and​ control. The drone’s intuitive flight pattern ‍ensures seamless movement, avoiding obstacles ⁣effortlessly.⁤ Its ability to fly at varying altitudes allows it to effectively cover large areas, leaving no‍ corner untouched.

4. Multiple Kill⁤ Modes:

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MOCVOO Drone With Camera For Adults, Beginners, Kids/ 1080P FPV Camera

— Can be controlled by remote and APP, our small drone is ultra-portable as your hiking/fishing/travelling companion, capturing your precious moments!

— If the drone/remote control/APP has any problems during flight, do not hesitate to email seller and we’ll provide 24hrs support, 18-month quality repair and 30-day refund for any reason.

Warm Tips:

It is recommended that beginners do not fly in strong winds. Flying high, please take care not to be blown away by the wind.
It is recommended to use the third gear flying speed in a windy environment, otherwise the drone may lose control because it cannot withstand the wind.
The remote control distance should not exceed 80 meters, otherwise it may cause the drone to lose control.
The drone will flash a red light when the battery is low, please return as soon as possible to avoid fall.
If you need to take photos or videos, it is recommended that the fly drone should not be too far away from the subject to ensure better shooting results.W
When the remote control battery is low, it will not be able to connect, please pay attention to keep the remote control battery full.

drone with camera

drone with camera

drone for adults

drone for adults



1080P HD Dual Camera

MOCVOO drone quipped with 2 1080p HD cameras, the front camera can be adjusted 120°. 2 camera are switchable, enabling you to have both wonderful real-time images from the sky and the terrain situation under the aircraft.

FPV Transmission

Real-time transmission can simultaneously record and show the beautiful scenery captured by the drone, allowing you to enjoy the visual feast anytime, anywhere

One Key Take Off/Landing

Press the button to take off or land the drone, it is very convenient. Especially very friendly for beginners.

drone with camera for adults

drone with camera for adults

drones with cameas

drones with cameas

drones with camea

drones with camea

50X Zoom & Gesture Control

With gesture control, you can pose to the camera to trigger phone taking and video recording. Free your hands free to take wonderful shot. In addition, you can set the magnification effect of taking pictures from 1x to 50x zoom on the phone. You can capture more details you want to see.

(Palm means taking photos; Fist means recording videos)

3 Speed Adjustment

This camera drone has three speed modes( low/medium/ high), suitable for beginners and intermediates and experts. You can have a different flight experience for fun. In the outdoors, it is recommended to adjust the flight speed to the high speed before taking off, so that it is powerful, which can avoid the problem of losing control of the drone due to the resistance of the outdoor wind.

All-round Propeller Protection

Our quadcopter comes with 4 protective propeller guards, Install the propeller guard before flying, especially for beginners. It can reduce the damage caused by collision to the propeller blade, protect the drone and peolpe. Make it more durable.



Specification Of MOCVOO Drone

Video/Photo Resolution
HD 1920*1080P

Drone Battery
3 X 3.7V 1800 mAh

Flight Time
10-15mins/per battery (depends on the speed)

Battery of Controller
3 X 1.5V AA Battery (Not included)

Control Distance
90-100 meters (depends on phone device and environment)

FPV Transmission Range
82 feet/ 25 m (depends on phone device and environment)

Battery Charge Time
About 90 minutes

Drone Weight

【39 Minutes Flight Time】 — You can enjoy up to 39 minutes of flight time in total with Three fully-charged batteries (3.7V, 1800mAh). Upgraded charging cable uses imported chips for overvoltage protection to prevent accidents caused by incorrect charging. MOCVOO RC quadcopter also comes with four protective propeller guards, to avoid propeller damage during flight and extend the drone life. When in low battery, the lights of the drone continue to flash, you can operate it return to aviod loss.
【Multifunctional & More Fun to Fly】– Give wings to your imagination – MOCVOO camera drone features in 3 adjustable speed levels (from low to high, beginners to experts), One Key Take Off/Landing (beginner-friendly), 360°Flip (fun trick in the sky) .You can define an exact flying route on the App map, the drone will fly following the path, brings you wonderful flying experiences. Show “V” or “palm” gesture to let the camera drone recognize and take pictures or video.
【Idea Gifts & Carrying Case】– Our mini drone is a foldable design make this quadcopter drone small, you can take it anywhere you like. And comes with a handy carry case can easy to take out to have fun with your family when going outside. It is the ideal gift for birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day or other Day. The considerate design with carrying case that will be loved by kids, Men, Women, Teenagers, Boys, husband and boyfriend.
【Money Back Guarantee】– We suggest you test flight in an open space first time flying the drone. (Note: there might be wind interference when using outdoors. In the windy outdoors, it is recommended to adjust the flight speed to the third high speed to avoid the wind interference and loss of control.) If the drone/remote control/APP has any issue during flight, please email seller and we’ll provide 24hrs technical support, 18-month quality warranty and 30-day money back for any reason.



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