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Introducing‌ the game-changing “Bonded For Cleaning Business” – the ultimate ⁣solution for all your ⁤cleaning service needs. With this innovative product, you can ‌swiftly⁣ transform ‌your cleaning business into a trusted and ‌reliable source of cleanliness and hygiene.

The first standout feature of the “Bonded For Cleaning Business” is its strong emphasis‍ on safety⁣ and security. Our⁤ product ensures​ that your cleaning business is ⁤bonded, providing peace of mind for both ‍you and your ‌clients. ⁤With bonding, you are protected against potential risks,⁤ such as theft,‍ damage, or negligence. This means that even in unforeseen circumstances, your clients are assured that their ​possessions ‍and property are ‌in capable hands.

Another‌ valuable highlight of ‍the “Bonded​ For Cleaning Business” is its ⁣ability to enhance credibility ⁤and trustworthiness. By⁢ displaying the bond certificate, you instantly project a professional⁢ image ⁤and stand out​ from your competitors. This credential serves ‍as a testament⁢ to the⁤ integrity and commitment of your business, instilling confidence in your clients and giving them the assurance that they are hiring a reputable cleaning ⁤service.

Furthermore, the “Bonded For‌ Cleaning Business”

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Product Description

Leather Honey Leather Care Wipes

Leather Honey Leather Care Wipes

Water-repellent formula is non-toxic, non-solvent, not sticky and odorless.

Leather Seats & Interiors

Protect and restore with our non-toxic formula

Seats, dashboards and trim
Door interiors
Motorcycle seats, saddlebags and accessories

leather honey


Revitalize and preserve your expensive furnishings

Chairs and stools

leather conditioner jacket sofa furniture couch soften leather leather cleaner boots

Leather Apparel

Restore and soften beloved fashion accessories

Shoes and boots
Handbags and luggage
Wallets, belts and accessories

1 Car and Truck Interiors 2 Leather Furniture 3 Leather Apparel

Leather Honey Bundle 5

Leather Honey Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Wipes

Thick, durable wipes perfectly infused with non-toxic leather conditioner or leather cleaner and individually packaged so they won’t dry out. Pack includes 5 cleaning wipes and 5 conditioning wipes.

Leather Honey Bundle 1

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, 8oz bottle

A non-toxic, all-natural leather conditioner to infuse leather with moisture. Our most popular size, ideal for leather shoes, apparel, accessories, chairs, ottomans and leather car interiors.

Leather Honey Bundle 7

Leather Conditioner Wipes

Our premium leather conditioner, conveniently infused into durable, two-sided conditioning wipes to keep your leather looking new. Individually wrapped wipes won’t dry out like other brands.

Leather Honey Budnle 3

Leather Cleaner with UV Protectant

Our time-tested, powerful non-toxic leather cleaner formula, now with UV-protective agents to prevent sun damage. Ideal for all leather goods, plus vinyl, faux leather, plastic and rubber.

Cleaner Wipes

Leather Cleaner Wipes

Our gentle, effective leather cleaner, perfectly infused into durable, two-sided, convenient towelettes. Wipes are textured to deep clean & individually wrapped — they won’t dry out like other brands.

Compare Leather Care Products


Protects and Restores
Cleans and protects
Cleans, protects, and restores
Cleans, protects, and restores

For all leather but suede

Also on vinyl and faux leather

Safe for all colors of leather

Water repellent

Results last 6 months or more


Made in the USA

Leather Honey

Spot test

Test all products in a discreet area before applying to leather.

leather honey

Clean leather

Gently wipe the surface of leather with leather cleaner wipe, concentrating on soiled areas.


Apply conditioner

Coat leather in a thin, even layer of conditioner. Dry for at least 2 (preferably 24) hours.


Buff excess

If excess conditioner remains, use a lint-free cloth to gently buff off.

Leather Honey Combo Wipes

Repeat if necessary

Repeat with additional thin coats if the conditioner absorbed quickly or leather still appears dry.

Directions for Using Leather Honey Leather Care Products

1 Spot Test 2 Clean Leather 3 Apply Conditioner 4 Buff Excess 5 Repeat if Necessary



leather honey, before and after, car

leather honey

leather honey

leather honey

NON-TOXIC, LEATHER CLEANING WIPES: Pre-moistened with our popular Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, these durable, textured wipes quickly and gently remove dirt, oil and tough stains from leather goods. Powerful, odorless, and chemical-free. Safe for all leather, faux leather, vinyl & more
POWERFUL LEATHER CONDITIONING WIPES: Wipes contain Leather Honey’s water-repellant formula, which penetrates deeply to rejuvenate & protect leather. This odorless, non sticky, non-toxic leather conditioner has no silicone, solvents or animal products. One treatment lasts six months
FAMILY OWNED, AMERICAN MADE, SPECIALLY FORMULATED: For over 50 years, we have specialized in making the best leather care products, including Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the #1 best-selling leather care product on Amazon. Our small family business has millions of happy customers
UNLIMITED 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you’re not happy with any of our leather products, simply return them for a full refund of your purchase price



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