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Introducing the ultimate⁢ solution for keeping your car seats clean and ​fresh, our “Best ‌Products ​For Cleaning Car Seats” collection.​ Made specifically for car seats, this range offers unmatched cleaning power, thorough stain ‌removal, and ⁢ensures a germ-free and⁤ comfortable⁢ driving ​experience.

Our innovative⁢ cleaning products are specially formulated to target a wide variety of ‌stains and spills that⁤ commonly occur on car seats. Whether it’s food stains, pet hair, ‌coffee ​spills, or stubborn dirt, our products have got you covered, leaving your ‌seats looking brand ⁢new.

One of the key features of our “Best Products For Cleaning ​Car ⁣Seats” range is their versatility. They are compatible⁢ with various types of car seat fabrics,⁤ including leather, vinyl, cloth, and synthetic materials. No matter the ⁤material, our products effectively penetrate deep into the⁤ fibers, lifting⁤ dirt and grime for a thorough clean,⁢ without causing any damage.

Our cleaning products‍ are also ‌designed with ⁣convenience in mind. With easy-to-use spray⁢ bottles or wipes, you ‍can effortlessly apply⁣ the product onto the stained areas, allowing the cleaning agents ‍to work ⁢their magic.

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From the manufacturer

DP Logo Banner

DP Logo Banner

seatbelt, seat belt, cleaner, interior cleaner

seatbelt, seat belt, cleaner, interior cleaner

DP Detailing Products Seat Belt Cleaner

Highly effective spray on seat belt cleaning product

DP Seat Belt Cleaner is the product you never thought you needed. DP Seat Belt Cleaner is a powerful deep-cleaning formula that doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, meaning it is safe and powerful enough to use on your often touched seat belts. DP Seat Belt Cleaner is easy-to-use and comes in a convenient spray bottle.

Think how often you touch your seat belt. Now think how often you clean it!

If you’re being safe then you use your seat belt each and every time you get into your vehicle. This means that your seat belts hold all sorts of filth, sweat, and grime from hands.

When was the last time you cleaned your seat belts?

DP Seat Belt Cleaner was developed specifically to clean this often overlooked part of your car’s interior.

CLEANS AND REFRESHES: Removes stains, filth, and bad smells
SAFE: Does not contain harsh chemicals that could damage your seat belts.
POWERFUL: Using a scrub brush and DP Seat Belt Cleaner, even heavily soiled stains can be removed

Easy to Use – Simply spray on, scrub, wipe, and air dry

seat belt spray, cleaning seat belt, seatbelt

seat belt spray, cleaning seat belt, seatbelt

Seat belt wiping, cleaning seatbelt, seat belt wipe

Seat belt wiping, cleaning seatbelt, seat belt wipe

Seatbelt, seat belt, cleaner, interior

Seatbelt, seat belt, cleaner, interior

Thoroughly spray the cleaner on the seat belt and scrub, preferably with a brush.

The first step to cleaning your seat belt is to spray the cleaner onto the belt. After spraying, agitate the cleaner with an interior scrub brush.

Wipe away remaining residue

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe away the remaining residue.

Allow to air dry

After wiping debris and cleaner from the seat belt, allow it to air dry. Multiple applications may be necessary for heavily soiled seat belts.

Also from DP Detailing Products:
Seat Belt Cleaner: Cleaning formula designed specifically for cleaning your seat belt
Floot Mat Cleaner & Protectant: Deep cleans and provides a shiny protective coating for your vehicle floor mat
Total Interior Cleaner: removes stains and deodorize all interior surfaces
Interior All-In-One: Cleans, shines and protects your plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces
Fabric Preserve: creates a waterproof barrier on the fabric, repelling water, oils and other liquids
Leather Conditioner: Restores your leather to its original soft and supple beauty

Detailing Products – Established in 1998

DP Banner

DP Banner

Welcome to the next game changer in car care: DP Detailing Products!

Car care you can trust when every detail counts.

In the spring of 1998, the team at Autogeek developed a new line of products, now called DP Detailing Products, designed exclusively to fit the needs of professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. The DP brand has changed a lot of over the years, but its commitment to providing customers with the best products in the business hasn’t changed.

DP was produced with one goal in mind: to produce top-of-the-line car cleaning products. And over 20 years later, DP is still the leader in car care! DP products are 100% made in the USA and are meant to save you time and money, while still giving you the above and beyond results you have been looking for.

A lot has changed throughout the years as technology progresses in order to continue producing better and better results. And as our formulas have advanced, so have our look and name. Originally known in 1998 as Detailer’s Pride, the brand quickly became known as simply, DP. Nearly thirteen years later in 2011, DP relaunched into a new brand. Not only was the name changed from Detailer’s Pride Car Care to Detailer’s Pro Series, but a brand-new look was also implemented.

Now, in 2020 the DP brand is back and better than ever. With a new sleek and modern design and a new name, DP Detailing Products, DP is back with new and improved formulas featuring the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology. These made in the USA formulas contain fact driven ingredients resulting from field testing from the harshest of climates around the country to prepare your car for the effects of UV rays, severe temperatures, presence of salt, acid rain, dew, humidity, pollutants and more.

Powerful cleaning spray deep cleans heavily soiled seat belts with ease
Can be used on the fabric of seat belts without negatively affecting the material
No harsh chemicals – a safe and effective product that will not break down the fabric of your seat belt
Easy to use: Simply spray, scrub with a brush, wipe away remaining residue, and air dry to protect this important part of the interior of your car, truck, or other vehicle



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