Best Pressure Washer Nozzle For Cleaning Concrete



Introducing the “Best Pressure Washer Nozzle For​ Cleaning Concrete” – your ultimate solution for achieving‍ pristine and spotless concrete⁣ surfaces ⁤effortlessly. Whether you’re tackling your driveway,‍ patio, or sidewalk, this exceptional pressure washer nozzle is designed to‍ provide unparalleled cleaning power, efficiency, and convenience.

Experience the unique features of ‍our “Best⁣ Pressure Washer Nozzle For‍ Cleaning Concrete” and transform any grimy concrete area into a gleaming, inviting space:

1. Superior Cleaning ‌Performance: Engineered ⁣with precision, this nozzle boasts a specialized design optimized for concrete surfaces. ⁣It delivers a concentrated and powerful stream of water that effectively removes ‍dirt, stains, grease, and even tough grime that has accumulated over time. Say goodbye to ⁣the tedious ⁢and ​laborious ‍scrubbing process – our nozzle does the hard work for you.

2.‍ Wide Coverage​ Area: The “Best Pressure​ Washer ⁤Nozzle For Cleaning Concrete” features ⁤a wide spray pattern⁣ that covers a large surface area in a single pass. This ensures a⁢ more efficient⁢ and time-saving cleaning experience,‍ allowing you ⁣to‍ complete ⁢your concrete

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Simpson brand story banner

Simpson brand story banner

brand story surface cleaner

brand story surface cleaner


SIMPSON surface cleaners are the perfect pressure washer accessories to make parking lots, patios, and sidewalks look new again

What is a surface cleaner, and do I need one?

A surface cleaner (also referred to as a surface scrubber) is a circular attachment (sizes vary) containing a spinning spray bar. Surface scrubbers are recommended when you need to clean large areas such as concrete sidewalks, decks, patios or porches. The benefits of using a surface scrubber include a faster cleaning time, a more even clean, and stain removal.

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brand story hoses

brand story hoses


Our lineup of pressure washer hoses ensure that you can continue working and help you cover more ground in less time.

I need to purchase a new hose, but I cannot find one with the same pressure rating. How do I choose a new hose?

When replacing the hose, always choose one with the same or higher pressure rating. Also, make sure the replacement hose has the same connectors as your original hose. You can replace your industry standard threaded M22 connection style hose or even extend your M22 hose.

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What is the difference between “M22” and “QC” style hoses?

The type of connector on your hose is made to match the connectors on your pump and spray gun assembly. M22 connectors have a threaded end and are industry standard for all brands. Quick-connect (QC) hose, utilizes a slip collar system. Check your pressure washer pump and spray gun to match the proper fittings.

gun and lance brand story

gun and lance brand story


What makes our products unique?

We design our spray guns and lances to stay comfortable in your hands no matter how long the job takes. These extensions for pressure washers and power washer lances give you the ability to reach into difficult-to-access areas and avoid crouching to get at ground-level spots. You can count on our pressure washer extension wands to deliver exceptional performance, even under high-intensity usage. Our guns and lances for pressure washers also come in a variety of lengths to help you tackle numerous tasks around your home or business.

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brand story nozzles

brand story nozzles


SIMPSON offers a wide variety of premium pressure washer nozzles to enhance your cleaning experience

Which nozzle should I use?

WHITE Nozzle 40°: Provides a wide fan for cleaning and rinsing

GREEN Nozzle 25°: Provides a wider fan for pressure cleaning and rinsing

YELLOW Nozzle 15°:

Provides a narrow fan of concentrated water pressure for removing paint, mildew, etc.

BLACK Soap Nozzle: A low pressure nozzle used to apply cleaning solutions

RED Nozzle 0°: Provides a concentrated spot of high pressure water allowing you to be further from the surface being cleaned and to blast off stubborn material; USE CAUTION with this nozzle as the force available will actually penetrate soft materials or surfaces

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detergent banner

detergent banner


SIMPSON detergents are specifically formulated to cut through tough grease and stains on the job site and at home

Can I use soap with my pressure washer?

Only detergents that are listed by the manufacturer to be designed and safe for use in pressure washers, specifically, all-purpose detergent and non-caustic detergent.

Do I need to clean out the system after I use soap?

Yes. Rinsing away soap residue will help prolong the life of your machine. Place the hose into a bucket of clean water or if there is a soap tank, fill it with water. Using the black soap nozzle, pull the gun trigger until all the water runs clean.

Can I use bleach in my pressure washer?

No, you should never use bleach with a pressure washer

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simpson brand story logo

simpson brand story logo

The SIMPSON Advantage

Driven by Performance for more than 50 years, SIMPSON continues to provide the advantage you need to get the job done right every time. We design, engineer and manufacture products that are reliable, durable, and built to perform every time you need them. Whether you are a DIYer or an industry pro, SIMPSON offers an enhanced experience with professional results guaranteed.

Join the historic journey and take the ADVANTAGE!

Easy connections: The 1/4-Inch QC connection makes this attachment easy-to-use with most power washer extension spray wands and lances; These nozzles are hot- and cold-water compatible
Faster and deeper cleaning action: The power washer turbo nozzle creates a strong jet of oscillating water that cleans faster than standard nozzles; It’s great at cleaning hard to remove dirt, grime, and debris
Quality construction: Simpson turbo nozzles are made for reliability and durability
Specifications: Max PSI – 4500; Max temperature – 212° F; Orifice size – 4.0; Actual product may vary slightly from product images



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