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Introducing Bamboo Charcoal Bags for Roaches – the ultimate solution to eliminate unwanted pests and create a pest-free environment ⁤within your home. These ​bags are specially designed to target roaches and ​provide a natural​ and effective way to keep ​them at bay.

The primary feature of our Bamboo Charcoal Bags for Roaches ⁤is their ⁢use of ​activated bamboo charcoal as a powerful and eco-friendly odor absorbent.⁤ The porous structure of bamboo charcoal allows it to trap and neutralize unpleasant odors emitted by ‌roaches, preventing them from lingering in your living spaces. Say goodbye to pungent roach smells!

The activated‍ bamboo charcoal also functions as a potent roach repellent. The bags ⁢emit a⁢ long-lasting,‌ subtle ⁤odor that deters ‍roaches‌ from‌ entering your home in the⁤ first place. This innovative feature ⁢helps to create a barrier against these⁤ pesky insects ⁢and ensures ‍that⁣ your space ⁢remains roach-free.

Another remarkable ⁤feature of these bags ​is their versatility. Measuring conveniently, ⁤these compact ⁤bags⁣ can be placed⁢ discreetly in various ⁣areas prone to roach activity, such as cupboards

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Product Description

Canny Pocket Smell Proof Bag

Canny Pocket Smell Proof Bag

CANNY Pocket Travel Smell Proof Bag

CANNY Smell Proof Bag

CANNY pocket smell proof bags are designed for the active person on the go. The size of a cell phone, the CANNY Pocket was designed to fit in your pocket. It measures a generous 6in x 3in size, but petite enough to fit in most pockets. A larger carabiner clip is provided to hold on to back packs, pant loops, or any desired place!

Smell Proof Container

CANNY smell proof bags are designed with two types of smell resistant fabrics. Layered in each CANNY smell proof pouch is activated carbon and bamboo charcoal smell resistant fabrics. Creating the a large porous surface area of micro pockets to eliminate all smells and odors.

Protect Your Goods

CANNY smell proof bags have a durable exterior to withstand consistent use and is water resistant! Between the smell proof fabric layers we have added a thick protective layer of padding to protect all your items no matter where you stash your CANNY. Two elastic straps hold you items in place, while the separate pocket separates your items.

CANNY Smell Proof Pouch

Smell Proof Activated Carbon Fabric
Smell Resistant Bamboo Fabric
Travel Size Smell Proof Container
Water Resistant Bag
Thick Padding To Protect Your Items
Carabiner Clip to hold on to Backpacks
Inside Elastic Straps and Extra Storage Pocket

Water Proof Bag

Water Proof Bag

Multiple Smell Proof Layers - Superior Design

Multiple Smell Proof Layers - Superior Design

Smell Proof Activated Carbon

Smell Proof Activated Carbon

Pocket Size Bag

Weather Proof
Smell Resistant
Travel Size
Carabiner Clip

Multiple Smell Proof Layers

Durable Protective Exterior
Smell Proof Activated Carbon
Thick Protective Padding
Soft Interior

Smell Proof Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Thick Activated Carbon
Smell Proof Fabric
Double Layer of Smell Proof Fabric
Lightweight Design

Canny Smell Proof Pouch

Canny Smell Proof Pouch

CANNY Smell Proof Travel Pouch

A CANNY is a premium smell proof bag designed with high quality smell resistant materials and has a contemporary sleek look for everyday use. Every CANNY is a discreet yet functional odor eliminating pouch that can travel anywhere with you. Made of durable water resistant PVC material on the outside to protect all your belongings including herbs, medicinal items, wallets, phones or any odor producing item. Layered in each CANNY smell proof container is activated carbon and bamboo charcoal smell resistant fabric. Creating the largest porous surface area of micro pockets on the market to eliminate all smells and odors. CANNY odor eliminating pouches are designed with bamboo fabric for a soft plush design to store fragile goods, CANNY bags are extremely lightweight and easy to store in desks, cars, backpacks, lockers, duffel bags, or can be carried around in fashion!

Why choose a CANNY?

CANNY is a family owned USA based company which offers the highest quality smell resistant products. Here at CANNY we are innovating fashionable yet discrete smell proof cases with the customer in mind.

Pocket pouch design:

Traditional smell proof bags offer travel bags with zippers on top of the bags. After some design testing, CANNY bags were made with an open book design. This design allowed more goods to be added in the bag while allowing the case to be fully opened and laid flat. The booklet design allows the items in the CANNY to be distributed evenly creating a flatter surface. Perfect to store in your pocket, backpacks, cars, desks, suitcases, or travel bags. Each pocket sized container has elastic straps and a zipper pocket on the inside of the bag to hold all your goods in place!

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2 Ounces
Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex Adult
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 29, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ CANNY
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08GZQCC28

Zipper closure
CANNY smell proof pocket travel bags are the perfect size measuring 3 inches by 6 inches to fit in your pocket on the go.
Each CANNY odor proof bag is designed with activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal and water proof PVC to protect from all odors leaving the hand bag.
Every CANNY smell proof container has a booklet designed zipper allowing the bag to be fully opened for easy access. Making the CANNY easy to travel with and store with ease in your pants or jacket pocket.
CANNY stash bags come with two nylon straps on the inside to secure any items such as vapes, glass, lighters, or pens. All smell proof pouches have a small pocket on inside to store herb, money, vaporizers, or personal items. The Pocket CANNY has extra padding to protect your favorite items.
All CANNY travel smell proof bags come in multiple colors for a sleek yet contemporary design. Every CANNY smell removing pouch is discrete and can be used for any occasion.



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