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Introducing the majestic and ⁤ethereal Angel Oak ⁤Tree, now available​ for sale! ⁢This timeless natural wonder ⁢promises to captivate your senses and transform any ⁤space into a serene and ‍enchanting oasis. Standing as a symbol of strength, beauty,​ and tranquility,‌ the Angel Oak​ Tree is a mesmerizing addition to gardens, ⁤parks,⁤ or⁤ any landscape.

Key Features:

1. Grace and Grandeur: The Angel Oak‌ Tree is ‍a true embodiment of⁢ elegance, commanding attention with ‌its ⁣impressive⁤ size‌ and ethereal branches that create a breathtaking canopy. Standing tall at an average height of 65 feet, this tree adds an undeniable⁢ sense of grandeur⁣ to any landscape.

2. Intricate ⁢and Ancient: This magnificent icon is believed to be over 400‌ years old, making it a true ‌living artifact. Its branches and limbs intertwine with an intricate pattern,⁣ creating a visually stunning display that is unlike any other ​tree.

3. ‌Impressive Canopy: The outstretched branches⁤ of the Angel Oak Tree create a wide⁣ and dense canopy that provides ample shade to escape ​the sun. This

Product Description For angel oak tree for sale

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• Explains how to determine your personal tree of life depending on your date of birth and how this tree reveals your gifts, talents, and life path

• Features full-color photos that capture the true spirit of the trees

• Details each tree’s spiritual meaning, element family, essential qualities, healing effects, gifts and talents, and symbolism

Drawing on her intimate knowledge of trees and connections to Celtic traditions, Daniela Christine Huber shares a new interpretation of the tree horoscope calendar–where 22 archetypal trees are associated with different dates throughout the year and just like birth stones or astrological signs can reveal your innate talents and unique life path.

Featuring full-color photos that capture the true spirit of the trees as well as in-depth descriptions of the characteristic qualities of the tree personality types, Huber’s guide explains how to determine your personal tree of life depending on your date of birth and reveals how this tree stands by your side with its gifts and talents as a faithful friend and companion for a lifetime. The 22 trees of the calendar are Oak, Hazelnut, Rowan, Maple, Walnut, Yew, Chestnut, Ash, Hornbeam, Fig, Birch, Apple, Fir, Elm, Olive, Cypress, Poplar, Cedar, Pine, Willow, Linden, and Beech. Each tree species occurs twice in the annual cycle, except for Oak, Birch, Olive, and Beech, which are specially assigned to the equinoxes and solstices. Each tree description explores the tree’s spiritual meaning, element family, essential qualities, healing effects, gifts and talents, and symbolism. The author also includes an everlasting birthday calendar to record the birthdates of your family and friends, and she looks at the birth trees of several famous people.

Showing how each of the 22 trees of the tree horoscope holds great power, Huber explains how your birth tree is the guardian of your individual potential and reveals the abilities and talents available to you in your life. Recognizing and developing the gifts that your birth tree reveals can help you dissolve entrenched habits and patterns, regain inner balance, and activate the full potential of your tree horoscope destiny.

From the Publisher

Apple Tree

Apple Tree

Tree Horoscope Title

Tree Horoscope Title

The Celtic Tree Horoscope: A Myth Awakens

Every tree follows its own destiny, ton grow and mature entirely naturally, without question or doubt. It buries its roots deep in the soil, stretching its branches toward the sun, at the same time creating a fertile environment for numerous other living creatures.

By listening to their hearts, there are those who have prepared the way to opening up the wisdom that lies dormant within us, a universal wisdom that reconnects us with Mother Nature.

June 25–July 4 and December 23–January 1

Element family: Earth

Sensitive, helpful, patient, open to unconditional love, sympathetic; attentive, giving, charming, and intuitive; creates balance; a positive and charismatic aura. The lesson for Apple tree people is to learn not to seek love and recognition in the world around them, either in the workplace or among friends and family. If they do, they can fall prey to the emotional ups and downs of those around them, which can end up being a real drain on them emotionally, too.

Famous Apple Tree Personalities:

Annie Lennox (British singer and songwriter)
Denzel Washington (American actor and director)
John Legend (American singer, songwriter, and producer)

Sample of Other Trees in this Book

Fir Tree

Fir Tree

Pine Tree

Pine Tree

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut

FIR: January 2–11 and July 5–14

Element family: Water

Gifts and talents: Forward-looking, self confident, and searching; reliable, highly sympathetic; good at setting boundaries; very perceptive; spontaneous and creative; a protector, an extraordinary aura; very circumspect, demanding, and independent.

PINE: February 19–29 and August 24–September 2

Element family: Fire

Gifts and talents: Patient, cautious, careful, with a gift for observation; sensible, self assured, eloquent; organized, economical, encouraging, adaptable, and frugal.

HORSE CHESTNUT: May 15–24 and November 12–21

Element family: Earth

Gifts and talents: Open, courageous, spontaneous, enthusiastic, adventurous, and honest; self-critical, consistent, adaptable, patient, and straightforward; helpful, attentive, vigorous, with a strong sense of justice; thrifty, reliable.

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