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Introducing our⁣ exclusive Air Freshener Spray ‍For Car, the⁢ perfect solution to eliminate unwanted ‍odors and create a refreshing ambiance inside your ⁣vehicle. ​Designed ⁣with precision and effectiveness in mind, this air freshener spray is ⁣an ⁤essential addition‍ for any car owner ⁤who desires a clean and pleasant driving experience.

Our Air Freshener Spray For‌ Car ⁣is specifically formulated to combat⁢ tough odors ​that can accumulate over time, such as cigarette smoke, food aromas,⁤ pet smells, and other unpleasant scents. With⁣ just a few ⁤sprays,‍ it ⁣effortlessly neutralizes ⁤these​ odors, replacing them ⁣with a‌ delightful and long-lasting ‍fragrance that uplifts⁣ your mood and rejuvenates your senses.

One of‍ the key features⁣ of our Air Freshener Spray For Car is its ⁣convenient and​ compact design. Its compact size makes it easy to store in your glove compartment⁤ or center console,⁤ ensuring ⁤that ‍it’s⁣ always within reach whenever you need a quick refreshment​ for your car’s interior. It is also ergonomically designed, allowing ⁤for effortless​ spraying and ⁤optimal control, so you ‍can easily ​adjust the​ intensity of ⁣the fragrance according to your ⁣preference

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Smile every time you step into your car with Signature Scent Air Freshener!



Tired of foul smells ruining your boring routine? Clear the air with a spritz of good memories and exciting times with Signature Scent Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator!



This fun fragrance evokes memories made on the shiny brass poles and in the shadowy private booths of elegant clubs.



The easy-to-use sprayable scent can be used everywhere to get rid of foul scents. Use it around your house, office, car, RV, and more!



Simply spray Signature Scent onto carpet or fabric surfaces to ensure you get rid of foul scents fast and easily.



The fast-acting formula has odor-elimination enzymes that will remove foul scents after a single spray.



Natural enzymes attack and destroy odor-causing elements to remove odors at the source. Clear the air with a spritz of good memories and exciting times with Signature Scent!

Signature Scent is the air freshener that distills that ohh-so-familiar scent you won’t smell anywhere else and blended it with odor-elimination enzymes for a clean air experience any time.

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How To Make Your Air Freshener Last Longer!



Set your AC to circulation mode and turn it up to max AC to allow your air freshener to flow through the vents and get rid of foul odors instantly.



Make sure to sake your desired Air Freshener well to mix the formula properly to ensure you get the best results possible.



Spray into passenger footwell, behind the seat, and more into inconspicuous areas where foot traffic will not be an issue.

Can Signature Scent be used at home?

Yes, you may use it at home, just be sure to spray it on fabric or carpet surfaces that do not receive a lot of foot traffic to make your air freshener last long.

How do I make my air freshener last longer in my car?

Step 1: Set your AC to circulation mode and max ac. Step 2: Shake your air freshener well. Step 3: Spray into passenger footwell.

What surfaces can I spray it on?

We recommend spraying Signature Scent on fabric and carpet surfaces.

I’m having issues with my Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant – who should I contact for help?

Amazon’s customer care can help with shipping issues, returns & replacements. If you are having technical issues with the product and need help using it or need replacement parts, contact the Chemical Guys Product Specialist Team

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REMINISCE WITH ONE SCENT – Signature Scent is the air freshener that distills that ohh-so-familiar scent you won’t smell anywhere else and blended it with odor-elimination enzymes for a clean air experience any time.
PREMIUM AIR FRESHENER – A unique blend of high-quality fragrances and odor eliminators ensures a pleasant driving experience.
VERSATILE APPLICATION – Not limited to cars, use it in your home, office, or any space that needs a delightful scent.
ELIMINATES FOUL ODORS – Effectively neutralizes and replaces unwanted odors with a captivating fragrance.
EASY TO USE – Simply mist a few sprays of Signature Scent in your vehicle or desired area for an instant burst of aromatic pleasure.



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